St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BUDD GEORGE K. & SON, (George K. Chas. P.,) insurance agents, 17 Olive
Budda Frank, foundry man, r. 91 Biddle
Budde Frederick, paper carrier, r. ns. and Monroe, b. 13th 14th
Budde Henry, carpenter, r. 190 n. 10th
Budde Henry, porter, Hayden & Wilson, r. 144 n. 9th
Buddecke Emile, clerk, bds. 98 s. 4th
Buddecke John C., (Buddecke & Droge,) r. Rutgers, nw. c. 8th
Buddecke William A., salesman, Bast, Bast, Alexander &Co., rooms n. 2d, sw. c. Pine
>Buddecke & Droge, Buddecke (John C. Droge,) Gerhard dry goods, 323 and 325 s. 5th
Buddy Henry, carpenter, r. and 10th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Bude Herman, carpenter, r. es. n. and 15th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Buden John K., blacksmith, r. sw. c. and 10th Madison
Buder Anthony, painter, r. alley b. Jackson Columbus Soulard Lafayette
Bader Edward, silver plater, r. alley b. Jackson Columbus, Soulard Lafayette
Buder Florian, painter alley b. Jackson Columbus Soulard Lafayette, r.
Buechner Casper, musician, r. 158 n. 12th
Buegner Christopher, bds. 10 Plum
Buehler Edward, bookseller, 15 s. 4th, r.
Buehler Frederick, carpenter, bds. ws. and 2d b. Lombard Mulberry
Buehler Henry, cooper, ws. and Congress b. Picotte Trudeau, r.
Buebrmann Frederick, tinner, r. sw. c. and 14th Lucas
Buel Francis, bds. and Clark av. b. 14th 15th
Buena Vista Gardens, sw. c. and Plum 3d, Frederick Schiess, prop
Bueneman Stephen H., salesman, r. rear 10 Collins
BUENGER HERMAN W., druggist, nw. c. and Franklin av. 22d
Buerger Balzar, meat market, 36 Central Market
Buerger Henry, lab., r. 26th nr. Herbert
Buerger John, currier, r. and Lami b. Carondelet Jackson
Buerger John, porter, Meyer & Braun, r. ns. and Lami b. Carondelet av Jackson
Buergher Joseph, machinist, Monroe Iron Works
Buerling Franz, lab., r. ns. Green c. 19th
Buerst Henry, plasterer, r. ns. Carroll nr. Columbus
Buesemeyer Henry, wood merchant, r. es. al. b. and 10th 11th
Bueter Reinez, builder, and Salisbury b. Broadway Bellefontaine, r. Bellefontaine b. Malinckrodt Salisbury
Buettner Ferdinand, physician and surgeon, 220 n. 6th, r.
Buffington Andrew H., patternmaker, bds. 229 n. 2d
Buffington Charles, carpenter, bds. 191 n. 6th
Bugbee James H., bookkeeper, r. es. s. and 6th b. Gratiot Cerre
Bugel John, stonecutter, r. es. and 14th b. Wash Carr
Buger Henry, dairyman, r. ws. and Menard b. Ohio Martha
Buger Henry, wagonmaker, r. 190 n. 10th
Bugg Jacob, lab., r. ws. and 2d b. Plum Cedar
Bugger John, stonecutter, bds. 143 n. 14th
Buggly Anton, carpenter, r. 44 Mulberry
Buggy William, grocer, same Chesnut sw. c. 13th, r.
Bugley Patrick, lab., r. rear 61 s. 7th
Bugstruck Frederick W., brickmaker, r. al. b. and 16th 17th Carr Biddle
Bugstruck John H., drug clerk, r. al. b. and 16th 17th Carr Biddle
Buhl Cyrus, cooper, bds ns. and Dodier b. 16th 17th
Buhler Conrad, carpenter, r. Menard sw. c. Ohio
Buhler John H., confectioner, r. ws. near Kosciusko L'esperance
Buelig Adolph, lab., r. Columbus se. c. Carroll
Buhlman .Joseph, lab., r. es. and DeKalb b. Lafayette L'esperance