St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BUDD GEORGE K. & SON,(George K. and Chas. P.,)insurance agents, 17 Olive
BuddaFrank,foundry man,r. 91 Biddle
BuddeFrederick,paper carrier,r.ns.Monroe, b. 13th and 14th
BuddeHenry,carpenter,r. 190 n. 10th
BuddeHenry, porter, Hayden & Wilson,r. 144 n. 9th
BuddeckeEmile,clerk,bds. 98 s. 4th
BuddeckeJohnC.,(Buddecke & Droge,)r.Rutgers, nw.c. 8th
BuddeckeWilliamA.,salesman, Bast, Bast, Alexander &Co., rooms n. 2d, sw.c. Pine
>Buddecke & Droge,Buddecke(JohnC. and Droge,)Gerharddry goods, 323 and 325 s. 5th
BuddyHenry,carpenter,r.10th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
BudeHerman,carpenter, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BudenJohnK.,blacksmith,r.sw.c.10th and Madison
BuderAnthony,painter,r. alley b. Jackson and Columbus and Soulard and Lafayette
BaderEdward,silver plater,r. alley b. Jackson and Columbus, and Soulard and Lafayette
BuderFlorian,painter alley b. Jackson and Columbus and Soulard and Lafayette, r. same
BuechnerCasper,musician,r. 158 n. 12th
BuegnerChristopher,bds. 10 Plum
BuehlerEdward,bookseller, 15 s. 4th, r. same
BuehlerFrederick,carpenter, b. Lombard and Mulberry
BuehlerHenry,cooper,ws.Congress b. Picotte and Trudeau, r. same
BuebrmannFrederick,tinner,r.sw.c.14th and Lucas
BuelFrancis,bds.Clark av.b. 14th and 15th
BuenaVistaGardens,sw.c.Plum and 3d, Frederick Schiess, prop
BuenemanStephenH.,salesman,r. rear 10 Collins
BUENGERHERMANW.,druggist,nw.c.Franklin av. and 22d
BuergerBalzar,meat market, 36 Central Market
BuergerHenry,lab.,r.26th nr. Herbert
BuergerJohn,currier,r.Lami b. Carondelet and Jackson
BuergerJohn,porter, Meyer & Braun,r.ns.Lami b. Carondelet av and Jackson
BuergherJoseph,machinist, Monroe Iron Works
BuerlingFranz,lab.,r.ns.Green c. 19th
BuerstHenry,plasterer,r.ns.Carroll nr. Columbus
BuesemeyerHenry,wood merchant, and 11th
BueterReinez,builder,Salisbury b. Broadway and Bellefontaine, r. Bellefontaine b. Malinckrodt and Salisbury
BuettnerFerdinand,physician and surgeon, 220 n. 6th, r. same
BuffingtonAndrewH.,patternmaker,bds. 229 n. 2d
BuffingtonCharles,carpenter,bds. 191 n. 6th
BugbeeJamesH.,bookkeeper, b. Gratiot and Cerre
BugelJohn,stonecutter, b. Wash and Carr
BugerHenry,dairyman, b. Ohio and Martha
BugerHenry,wagonmaker,r. 190 n. 10th
BuggJacob,lab., b. Plum and Cedar
BuggerJohn,stonecutter,bds. 143 n. 14th
BugglyAnton,carpenter,r. 44 Mulberry
BuggyWilliam,grocer,Chesnut sw.c. 13th, r. same
BugleyPatrick,lab.,r. rear 61 s. 7th
BugstruckFrederickW.,brickmaker, and 17th and Carr and Biddle
BugstruckJohnH.,drug clerk, and 17th and Carr and Biddle
BuhlCyrus,cooper,bdsns.Dodier b. 16th and 17th
BuhlerConrad,carpenter,r.Menard sw.c. Ohio
BuhlerJohnH.,confectioner, near L'esperance
BueligAdolph,lab.,r.Columbus se.c. Carroll
Buhlman.Joseph,lab., b. Lafayette and L'esperance