St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ByrneMark,conductor, and Biddle
ByrneMatthew,lab., 221 7th
ByrneMichael,lab.,r.ns.O'Fallon near 16th
ByrnePatrick,lab.,r. 183 n. 7th
ByrnePatrick,riverman,r. rear 36 Myrtle
ByrnePeterO. D.,(J. Byrne jr. & Co.,)r. 122 s. 5th
ByrnePhillip,lab.,bds. 4 n. 10th
ByrneThomas,drayman,r. 317 Washington av
ByrneThomas,lab.,r. 95 Biddle
ByrneThomas,mason, bet. Warren and Montgomery
BYRNE J. Jr., & CO.,Byrne(John jr.ByrnePeterO. D. and McGarahan,)FrancisO. real estate and stock brokers, 22 n. 5th
ByrneJames,machinist, bet. Ann av. and Arrow
ByrnesPatrick,bricklayer,bds. 92 Carr
ByrnesPatrick,drayman,r. 315 Washington av
ByrnsJohn,lab.,bds.Keelty's Hotel
ByronJames,drayman,bds. 274 n. 13th
ByronJohn,drayman,bds. 241 n. 17th
ByronJames,drayman,Chouteau and Edwards
ByronJohn,boarding, 79 n. Levee, r. same
ByronMichael,waiter Planters',r.11th bet. Green and Washington av
ByronWilliam,engineer, bet. Penrose and Bremen
ByseAugust,lithographer,bds. 43 n. 3d
BywaterGeorgeW., clerk, Goodrich, Willard & Co.,r. 20 St. Charles
BywaterJohnC., dentist, (Bywater & Comstock,) 20 St. Charles
BywaterJohnC.BYWATER & COMSTOCK, dentists, 20 St. Charles
BYWATER & COMSTOCK,Bywater(JohnC.Comstock,)Isaacdentists, 20 St. Charles
CAASTAndrese,cabinet maker, Carroll and Marion
CabanneJamesS.,bds. 40 n. 8th
CabanneJohnP.,banker,r. 40 n. 8th
CabanneJuliusL.,bds. 8 n. 9th
CabanneLucienD.,(John Sutter & Co.,)r.Ill
CabeenRobertE.,tinner, bet. Walnut & Clark av
CableEdwardA.,lab.bds. 16 Elm
CableIsaacC.,pilot,r. 81 s. 14th
CabneherJohana,wid., Michael,r. rear 470 n. 9th
CabotJosephC.,(Wales, Cabot & Co.,) bet. 15th and 16th
CabrickHiprote,lab.,r.ns,Lombard bet. Main and 2d
CabrilliacAntoine,saloon, 30 s. Levee, r. 145 Morgan
CabrilliacDennis,saloon, 32 s. Levee, r. same
CadanJohn,merchant,r. 30 s. 16th
CaddleGarret,lab.,r. rear 84 n. 11th
CaddleMichael,lab.,r. 174 n. 10th
CadiganJohn, and Main and bet. Florida and Mullanphy
CadmanGeorge,plumber,r. 39 O'Fallon
CadmanWilliamH.,(Cadman & Martin,)bds.5th sw.c. Wash
CADMAN & MARTIN.Cadman(WilliamH.Martin,)George plumbers and gas fitters, 209 n. 5th
CadwellThomas,miller,r. 120 Carondelet av
CadyCharlesF.,lawyer, 59½ Chesnut, r. 44 s. 10th
CadyMichael,lab.,bds. 56 Biddle
CaemerJoseph,boot maker,r.DeKalb bet. Barton and Victor
CaffallThomas,whitewasher, 146 Chesnut, r. same
CaffallHenry,baker,r. 248 Market
CafferataAngeline,fruit &c., 130 Market, r. 130 Market
CafferataAngelo,(A. Cafferata & Co.,)r. 67 s. 3d
CafferataLouis,restaurant, 24 Olive, r. same
CAFFERATA &. & CO.,Cafferata(Angelo & Boggiano,)Angelofruits, &c., 16 s. Levee and 11th, c. Clark av
CaffreyChristopherJ.,(Nolan (Nolan & Caffrey,)r. 9 s. 3d
CaffreyJohn, packer, John J. Roe & Co
CaganeeMartin,lab.,r. 200 s. 5th