St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
AltonMary,wid. Thomas,bds.18th se.c. Cass av
ALTON PACKET CO. A. L. Sweet agent,office,12 n. Levee
AltschuhGeorge,watchmaker,r.rear es. Columbus, bet. Picotte and Lesperance
AltschuhHenry,watchmaker,r.Lami, ne.c. Carondelet av
AltschuhPhilip,cooper,, bet. Soulard and Layfayette
AltschuleBernard,horsedealer,r.s.7th sw.c. Park av
AltvaterConrad,shoemaker,, bet 3d and 4th
AlveisAnton,lab.alley bet. Rosatti and 13th, Park av and Carroll
AlversHenry,gardener,r.Shenandoah c. Compton
AlvesWilliam,carpenter,, bet. Spring and Gamble av
AlvordHarryJ.,r.170 Morgan
AlvordJamesH.,messenger, American Express Co.bds.nw.c.Dayton and Glasgow
AlvordWilliamB., jr.,book-keeper,105 4th r. 170 Morgan
AlwarthFred.,tailor,bds.287 n. 12th
AlweldHenry,carpenter,r.alley, bet. 15th and 16th Cass av and O'Fallon
AlwertWilliam,carpenter,r.alley, bet. 16th and 17th and Carr and Biddle
AlwesPhilip,laborer, bet. 16th and 17th
AmanDavid,cooper, avbet. Ann av and Arrow
Amand Hepstig,laborer,r.87 s. 6th
AmannJacob,music teacher,r.122 s. 4th
AmbachCatherine,widow, near Jackson
AmberHenry,boatman,bds,233 n. 9th
AmberttGertrude,widow, Jacob,r.alley bet. Lafayette and Emmet and Jackson and Columbus
AmbroisGeorge,painter, avbet. 20th and 22d
AmbroseLouisa,widow, Henry,r.alley bet. Biddle and O'Fallon 7th and 8th
AmbroseMatthias,blacksmith,bds.138 O'Fallon
AmbroseWilliam,gardener, 14th and 15th.
AmbrosterCharles,lard presser,r.Randolph bet. Ulrici and Mercer
AmbrusterJohn,lab.,r,ns.Gratiot nr. 21st.
AmbrusterMichael,lab.,r.243 Carondelet av
AmbsJacob,ice dealer,es.17th bet. Market and Clark av,r. same
AmbsPeter,wines and liquors,35 Market r. 20th se.c. Market
AmbslerLouis,saddler, 24th and Park av
AmeiseFerdinand,laborer, nr. Marion
AmelengLudwig,cabinet maket,r.14th bet. Carr and Biddle
AmeliaMichael,grocer,r.313 Washington av
AmelungFrederick,laborer, bet. 14th and 15th
AmelungHenry,grocer,Columbus, ne.c. Soulard r. same
AmelungJohnF,grocer,125 Carondelet av,r. same
AmslungWilliam,cabinet maker,r.171 n. 14th
AmendCharles,gardener, Branch
AmendJohn,livery stable,214 n. 9th r. 125 n. 10th
AmendSophia and William,confectioners, 91 s 4th r. same
AMERICAN EXPRESS CO.,Allen,S.M. agent,57 n. Main
American Insurance Co.,Pine ne.c. 2d
American Sunday School Union,depository,9 s. 5th
American Tract Society,7 s. 5th
AmesE.B.patent medicines, 42 Vine, r. same
AmesFrancis,brickmaker,bds.Arsenalnear 2d Carondelet av
AmesHenry,(Henry Ames & Co.)r.175 Olive
AmesJames,brickmaker;r.ns.Hickory bet. Ham and Paul