St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CarrollEdward,lab.,bds. 97 n. Levee
CarrollEdward,moulder,bds. 384 n. 2d
CarrollEleanor,wid. Thomas,r. 163 n. 9th
CarrollEllen,wid. James,r.18th b. Davis and Cass avenue
CarrollFrancis,plasterer,r. 66 Spring
CarrollFrank, drayman, Wm. R. Greene & Co.,ss.Biddle b. 19th and 20th
CarrollJames,bricklayer,bds. 468 n. 9th
CarrollJames,drayman,r.ns.Cass avnr. 9th
CarrollJames,drayman,r.13th s. of Cass av
CarrollJames,hack driver,r. 298Chesnut
CarrollJames,lab.,bds. 40 Biddle
CarrollJames,lab.,bds. 61 Green
CarrollJames,lab.,r. 210 n. 8th
CarrollJames,lab.,r. 446 n. Main
CarrollJames,lab.,r. 177 n. 11th
CarrollJames,lab., and Broadway and bet. Ashley and O'Fallon
CarrolJames,lab., and Walnut
CarrollJames,peddler,bds.L'esperance, sw.c. Dekalb
CarrollJames,teamster,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
CarrollJeremiah,bricklayer, and 11th
CarrollJerry,lab., and Carr nr. 6th
CarrollJohanna,r. 262 Chesnut
CarrollJohn,bricklayer, bet. 21st & 22d
CarrollJohn,clerk,bds. 287 n. 7th
CarrollJohn,contractor, bet. Channing and Grand av
CarrollJohn,drayman,r.ns.Wash bet. 20th & 21st
CarrollJohn,finisher,r. 156 Wash
CarrollJohn,lab.,r. 151 Orange
CarrollJohn,lab.,r. 42 Poplar
CarrollJohn,lab.,bds.,,Clark av & Spruce
CarrollJohn,lab.,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
CarrollJohn,porter,Ryan & Louthan, bet. Carr and Biddle
CarrollJohn,(Sullivan & Carroll,) bt. 18th and 19th
CarrollJohn,tailor, bt. 18th and 19th
CarrollJoseph,pilot,r.ns.Eugenia bet. 20th & 21st
CarrollJulia,wid. James,bds.Spruce bet. 12th and 14th
CarrollJohnR., clerk, McCarren & Fisher, rooms 161 n. Main
CarrollJulia,wid. John,r.Biddle bet. 17th and 18th
CarrollJulia,wid., Patrick,r. 213 n. 8th
CarrollMartin,lab., av and Spruce
CarrollMary,wid.,r. rear 168 n. 14th
CarrollMaryS.,wid. William J.,r.Gratiot bet. 5th and 6th
CarrollMatthew,lab. 222 n. 2d
CarrollMaurice,lab.,r.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
CarrollMichael,bricklayer,r. 39 O'Fallon
CarrollMichael,lab.,bds. rear 231 n. 14th
CarrollMichael,lab.,r.4 Howard
CarrollMichael,lab.,r.nw.c.O'Fallon and 16th
CarrollMichael,railroadman,r. rear 53 O'Fallon
CarrollMichaeltobacconist,r 145 Carr
CarrollOwen,teamster,r.Spruce bet. 18th and 19th
CarrollPatrick, fireman, Gas Works, bet. Convent and Hazel
CarrollPatrick,lab.,bds. 258 n. 8th
CarrollPatrick,lab.,r. 309 s. 2d
CARROLLPETERW.,china and glass, 328 Broadway 2d bet. Spencer and Myrtle
CarrollRichard,carpenter,bds. 468 n. 9th
CarrollRobert,lab.,r.Cass 16th
CarrollRobert,lab.,r.11th bet. Salisbury and Farran
CarrollRoger,lab.,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
CARROLL SCHOOL,Buel nw.c. Soulard
CarrollThomas,boatman, av. and O'Fallon, e of 7th
CarrollThomas,bricklayer,r. 231 O'Fallon
CarrollThomas,carpenter,r. 160 n. 10th
CarrollThomas,lab.,r.18th bet. Cass av. & O'Fallon