St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CarterWalkerR.,Hardesty, Carter & Ransom) and (Pres.St. Louis Floating Dock and Insurance Co.) and Carter & Conn)
CarterWashington,grocer,11th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
CarterWilliam,carpenter, & 11th
CarterWilliamE.,com mer., 69 n. Main, r. same
CarterDuncanS. butchers, Carter D. S. & Co. 9 n. Commercial
CARTER & CONN,CarterWalkerR. and Conn)JosephH.boat stores, 51 Levee
CartinWilliam,carpenter,bds. 252 n. 6th
CartledgeJamesJ.,(Haywood, Carr & Co.)bds.Barnum's Hotel
CartledgePaulC.,brassfounder, alley bet. Pine and Chesnut and bet. 3d and 4th
CartmanHerman,smith,bds.Arsenal av. Carondelet av
CartonJames,furniture car,r. 260 n. 8th
CartonLawrence,bookkeeper, bet. Cass av. and O'Fallon
CartwrightEmanuelRev. (col'd) bet. Gratiot and Cerre
CartwrightJudson,pilot, b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
CartyAnsonH.,painter,bds. 109 n. 3d
CartyJames,lab.,r.n.8th near O'Fallon
CartyJames,wagonmaker,bds. 228 n. 8th
CartyJohn,lab.,n.8th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
CartyPatrick,shoemaker,r. alley bet.Carr and Biddle and 6th and 7th
CarverA. M.,printer,bds. 20 Wash
CarverCharles,teamster,r.s.14th bet. Poplar and Randolph
CarverJosephH.,teacher,r. 285 Morgan
CarverRansomH.,carpenter, 285 Morgan
CarverWilliamR., bookkeeper Cooley & Tower.bds. 309 Chesnut
CarvisHenry,lab.,r.c.12th and Salisbury
CaryEllen,widow Anthony,r. alley bet.Green and Washington av near 7th
CaryJohn, salesman J. R. Lionberger,bds.6th nw.c. Elm
CaryMichael,lab.,r. rear 190 n. 11th
CaryMichael,mason,r. rear 167 on 9th
CARYMILESG., agent P. R. R., bet. Market and Clark av
CaryNicholas,marble polisher,10th bet. Market and Franklin av
CaryWilliamA., salesman C. B. Hubbell, jr. & Co.,bds. 105 Washington av
CaryThomasmason,bds. 370 Franklin av
CasadyJames,butcher, Morgan and Christy av
CasadyJames,drayman, and Biddle
CasbergWilliam,moulder,r. 418 n. Main
CasconadeFrank,stonecutter, bet. Jefferson and n. Market
CaseBenjaminF., steward St. Louis Fire Co.,r.3d se.c. Locust
CASEGEORES.,physician,Morgan bet. Leffingwell and Ewing av
CaseGilbertM.,butcher, 20 and 22 Lucas Market, r. 386 Market
CaseJosephH.,(J. L. Thompson & Co.) bet. Clark av. and Randolph
CaseLuther,lumber mer., Ange Hickory and Park av
CaseLutherR., bookkeeper J. C. Haven & Co.,bds. 192 Locust
CaseMichael,lab., bet. Madison and Chambers
CaseSullivan,jeweler,r. 433 Broadway
CaserlJacob,tailor, near Marion
CaseyAndrew,lab.,bds. 14 s. 10th
CASEANTHONY,sash and blind mnfr.,r.ns.Wash bet. 22d and 23d
CaseyBartholomew,lab.,r. 18 s. 10th
CaseyBryan,lab.,r. rear 118 n. 16th.
CaseyCornelius,teamster,r.Cass 24th and Pratte av