St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ChambersJohn,meat market, 16 n. Market, r. Salisberry c. 16th
ChambersJoseph,steward,r. 103 w. Brooklyn
ChambersThomas,carpenter,r. 116 n. 16th
ChambersThomasF.,showman,r. 174 s. 3d
ChamblinBaylis,com. mer., 10 n. Commercial, r.nw.c. 19th and n. Market
ChamblinNelson,late mer.,r. 233 Pine
ChamotGeorge, moulder, Fox & Cross
ChampagneJohnB.,carpenter,r. 227 Green
ChampaigneJoseph,porter,bds. 534 n. 5th
ChampionHenry,clerk,bds. 53 Centre
ChamplinWarren,tailor, 7 Olive, boards Monroe House
ChampomierJohnL., bookkeeper, Edward J. Gay & Co.
ChandlerDavidD., salesman, J. B. Sickles & Co.,bds. 125 s. 5th
ChandlerJohn,(col'd) lab., and Columbus nr. Carroll
ChandlerNathaniel, salesman, J. B. Sickles & Co.,bds. 125 s. 5th
ChanningWilliam,machinist,r. 168 n. 13th
ChantillionEdmund,engineer,bds.4th nw.c. Mulberry
ChapinAugustaA.,teacher, bet. 10th and 11th
ChapinB. M.,salesman,bds.Monroe House
ChapinJohnB.,supt.Inst. for the Blind,r. 485 Morgan
ChapinT. W.salesman,bds. 81 Green
Chapmanpilot,bds.Bruner House
ChapmanB.,tailor,r.Arsenal 2d Carondelet avenue
ChapmanCharles,physician,4th b. Green and Morgan r. 136 Market
ChapmanCharlesE.,clerk,bds. 498 n. 9th
ChapmanChristopher,carpenter,r. 240 n. 9th
ChapmanDavidW.,(Hetherington & Chapman,)r. 54 Montgomery
ChapmanEdmund,carpenter,r. 174 n. 8th
ChapmanEdwardH.,(Rule & Co.,)r.ns.Washington 15th and 16th
ChapmanElizabeth,wid. David, shoebinder,r. 116 Carr
ChapmanFrederick,lab., bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
ChapmanGeorgeJ., salesman, Smitzer, Platt & Co.,bds ns.Washington 15th and 16th
ChapmanGeorgeM., bookkeeper, Hayden & Wilson,r.Franklin av. near Garrison av
ChapmanGilbertW.,bookkeeper,r. 97 Chesnut
ChapmanHoraceB., clerk, W. P. Fenn,bds.3d nw.c. Washington av
ChapmanIsaacM.,watchman,bds. 174 n. 8th
ChapmanJamesP. H.,mate,bds. 174 n. 8th
ChapmanJamesW.,conductor,r. 172 n. Green
ChapmanJohn, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
ChapmanJohn,shipcarpenter,r. 498 9th
ChapmanJ. A.,caller,bds. 351 n. Main
ChapmanLawrence,plasterer,bds. 363 Market
ChapmanMary,wid. Charles,bds. 146 Pine
ChapmanMary,r. 201, Green
ChapmanMasonB.,engineer,bds. 174 n. 8th
ChapmanNelsonC.,(Chapman & Thorp,)bds,ss.St. Charles, bet. 9th and 10th
CHAPMANOLMSTEDH.,physician, 164 n. 4th, rooms same
ChapmanSamuel,bartender,r. 172 n. Green
ChapmanSylvesterT., salesman, Porter, White & Co.,bds. 243 Washington av
ChapmanWilliam, foreman, H. B. Poormans,r. 181 n. 8th
ChapmanWilliamS., clerk, Hening & Woodruff,r. 345 Washington av
CHAPMAN & THORP,ChapmanNelsonC. and Thorp,)GeorgeG.lumber,n.2d, se.c. Benton
ChapoteEdward,shoemaker,r. 140 n. 11th
ChappellEdwinF., foreman, Missouri Chemical Works,bds. 137 Chesnut
ChappellJaneE.,wid. William P.,r. 4 Targee