St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CHAPPELLJOHNT.,com. mer., 12 Pine, r. 129 Chesnut
ChappellWilliamC.,clerk,r.14th bet. Spruce and Poplar
ChappellWilliamH.,(J. R. R. Finlay & Co,,) and (Wm. H. Chappell & Co.,)r. 137 Chesnut
ChappellWilliamH.,carpenter and joiner,r. 64 n. 4th
Chappell W. H. & Co.,ChappellWilliamH.HancockDanielJ. and AlexanderJoshuaH.manf. chemists,ss.Austin bet. 13th and 14th
ChapinsJoseph,gasfitter, 32 Commercial
CharaVenzel,cooper,r.Fulton, sw.c. Julia
ChardCharles,bricklayer,r. 296 Washington av
ChardCharles,bricklayer,r.Mullanphy bet. 17th and 18th
ChardonDaniel,restaurant, 341 Broadway, r. same
CharlChristopher,cooper, 27 Webster, r. 29 Webster
CharleJohn, porter, Waters & Christy,bds. 204 s. 2d
CharlesBenjamin,(Charles & Ennis,)r.ns.Herbert bet. 16th and 17th
CharlesHerman,furniture, 100 Myrtle, r. same
CharlesJacob,cooper,r.13th bet. Poplar and Spruce
CharlesJames, Angelrodt and Destrehan
CharlesRobert,tea and coffee, 12 Olive, r. 279 Olive
CharlesBenjamin printers, Charles & Ennis, 67 n. Main
CharlesonFrancis,dry goods, 116 n. 4th, r. 6th sw.c Chouteau av
CharlessCharlotteT.,wid. Joseph,r.Carondelet, rd. Frank Blair's House
CHOUTEAU SCHOOL,Cozzens near Pratte av
CHARLESS, BLOW & CO.,Blow(Taylor and Blow,)WilliamT. 66 & 68 n. Main,who. druggists
CharlesworthJohn,bricklayer, bet. Emily and Pratte av
CharlevilleJoseph,butcher,r.Clark 14th and 15th
CharlevilleLouis,(Charleville & Mast,) 14th and 15th
CHARLEVILLE & MAST,CharlevilleLouis and Mast,)Conradprovisions, 13 Commercial
CharlotChapmanS., teller, J. J. Anderson & Co.,r. 97 Chesnut
CharpiotGeorge,cook,bds. 35 n. 12th
CharpiotJacobus,coal agent,Morgan bet. Beaumont and Leffingwell av
ChartonGeorge,paperhanger,r. 167 Franklin av
ChaseEdward,(Clark Bro. & Co.,)r.Carondelet road, near Mt. Pleasant
ChaseGeorgeH.,(Chase & Bro.,)r. 217 Pine
ChaseHiramJ.,(H. J. Chase & Co.)bds. 74 s. 5th
ChaseLorenzoG.,reporter,bds. 37 St. Charles
ChaseWilliamH.,(Chase & Bro.,)r. 217 Pine
ChaseWinfieldS.,watchmaker,bds. 133 Collins
CHASE H. J. & CO.,ChaseHiramJ. & boots and shoes, 74 n. 4th
CHASE & BRO.,(GeorgeH. and WilliamH.,) who. boots and shoes, 119 n. 4th
ChasezrictEugene,blacksmith,bds. 69 s. Main
ChassaingEdwardJ.,clk. rooms ss. Olive, 2 doors from Merchants' Exchange
ChassnigJames, clerk, Lamb & Quinlan,bds.Harvey's Exchange
ChatardPierreF.,(Chatard & Wherry,)bds.Barnum's Hotel
CHATARD & WHERRY,ChatardPierreF. and Wherry,)WilliamM.hemp warehouse, and com. mers., 281 n. Main
ChatfieldCharles,paperhanger, 64 Franklin av
ChatmanJohn,marble worker,bds. 354 n. 2nd
CHATTERTONLEONARD,(Chatterton & Eldbridge,)r. 146 n. 3d
CHATTERTON & ELDRIDGE,ChattertonLeonard and Elridge,)IrahP.carpenters,ss.Clark 8th
ChauceJohn,blacksmith,r. 75 Gay
ChaussegrosAdrien,artificial flour and 4th nr. Rutgers, r. same