St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
AndersonJames,furniture,176 n. 7th r. same
AndersonJames,salesman,bds.186 Market
AndersonJamesM.,salesman,Atkin & Bro.r.121 Walnut
AndersonJamesS.,salesman, Capen & Denny,r.169 n. 5th
AndersonJohn,carpenter,r.rear 146 n. 10th
AndersonJohn,carpenter,bds.94 Morgan
AndersonJohn,ship carpenter, b. 9th and 10th
AndersonJohnF.,carpenter,bds.120 s. 4th
ANDERSONJOHNJ.,(John J. Anderson & Co.,) and presidentBank of St. Louis,r.97 Walnut
AndersonJohnJ., Jr.,clerkJohn J. Anderson &Co.,r.97 Walnut
AndersonJohnR.,bricklayer,bds.221 Wash
AndersonJohnS.,foremanCharles W. Anderson,r.73 Olive
AndersonJohnS.,tailor,r.11 n. 9th
AndersonJosiah,(Anderson & Gonter,) and editor St. Louis Price Current, and Malinckrodt
AndersonJulia,wid. James, nurse,r.234 Franklin av
AndersonLeslieT.,messengerU. S. Express, rooms 12 n. Main
AndersonMosesS.machinist,r.10 Brooklyn
ANDERSONNATHANIELK.,asst. ed. Mo. Republican, rooms 89 n. 4th
AndersonReubenL.,(John J. Anderson & Co.,)r.ns.Chouteau av.b. 13th and 14th
AndersonRichard,Rev.,(col'd.)r.34 Gay
AndersonRobert,(Goodwin & Anderson,)r.4 Union Place ss. Papin, b. 14th and 15th
AndersonS. J. P.,Rev., pastorCentral Presbyterian church,r,nw.c.8th and Locust
AndersonSamuel,merchant,bds.191 n. 6th
AndersonSamuel,carpenter,bds.Gravois rd. near Grand av
AndersonT. J.,boatman,bds.325 n. 6th
AndersonThomas,driver,r.56 Spruce
AndersonThomasA.,collectorCrow, McCreery & Co.55 Main r. 94 Pine
AndersonTimothy,(col'd) driver,r.130 Orange
AndersonWarrenM.,(Anderson & Lamoureux,)r.Market, b. 2d and 3d
AndersonWilliam,painter,r.Cerre b. 5th and 6th
AndersonWilliam,printer,r.6th b. Spruce and Elm
AndersonWilliam,plasterer,bds.43 n. 12th
AndersonWilliam,(col'd,) riverman,r.425 Morgan
ANDERSONWILLIAM,boots and shoes,30 Franklin av. rooms same
AndersonWilliamF.,(Anderson & Lamoureux,)r.117 Walnut
AndersonWilliamH.,(Tatum & Co.,)
AndersonWilliamH.,cooper,, b. Monroe and Ferry
AndersonWilliamH. H.,asst. librarianMer. Lib. b. Olive and Pine
ANDERSON JOHN J. & CO.,Anderson,JohnJ.Anderson,ReubenL. and Gaylord,ErastusH.bankers,Main nw.c. Olive.
ANDERSON & GONTER,Anderson,(Josiah and Gonter,CharlesG.newspaper pub. and job printers,8 Olive
ANDERSON & LAMOUREUX,Anderson,WilliamF.Lamoureux,Mosesdry goods,24 s. Main
Anderson(David and Watson,) and fordg.,ANDERSON & WATSON,26 n. Commercial
AndfeldWilliam,saddler,r.7th ne.c. Lafayette
AndleErnst,saddler,bds.72 Washington av
AndlerCharles,maltman,2nd Carondelet c. Lafayette
AndrasAnton,lab.,r.253 Carondelet av
AndrasChristian,carpenter, and 12th s. of Cass av
AndreGeorgeH., jr.,painter,Glasgow av and St. Charles road