St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Claflin William, (Claflin, Allen & Co.,) r. Boston
CLAFLIN, ALLEN & CO., Claflin, (William Allen, John A. Noyes Nathan D. Davenport, Samuel D. jr.,) boots and shoes wholesale, 80 n. Main
Clair Henry, tailor, r. b. and 15th 16th, O'Fallon
Clair Maria, wid. John, seamstress, r. 17 s. 8th
CLAMORGAN HENRY, baths and hairdresser, (col'd,) 50½ n. 4th, r. es. s. 8th bel. Hickory
Clamorgan, wid. Louis, r. ss. and Gamble av. b. Naomi High
Clancey John, waiter, same Monroe House r.
Clancey John, waiter, Planter's House
Clancey Patrick, plumber, bds. 201 Broadway
Clancey Patrick, tailor, bds. and O'Fallon b. 5th 6th
Clancey Thomas, boatman, r. bet. and Cass av. O'Fallon e. 7th
Clancey Thomas, clerk, bds. 7th, sw, c. Pine
Clancy David, groceries, 250 n. 9th, r.
Clancy Edward, grocer, 468 n. Main, r.
Clancy James, grocer, 164 Morgan
Clancy John, lab., r. 9 s. 13th
Clancy Martin, lab., r. b. and 8th 9th s. Cass av
Clancy Michael, r. and 11th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Clancy Michael, grocer, 409 n. Main, r.
Clancy Michael, second hand furniture, 256 n. 5th, r.
Clancy Thomas, moulder, bds. 484 n. Main
Clanke Margaret, wid. Henry, r. Dora nr. Hebert
Clareland John, livery stable, r, Park av. nw. c. 9th
Claphamson Benjamin, physician, 43 n. 5th, r. Chesnut
Claphamson Jefferson, clerk, bds. 150 Chesnut
Clapp Henry, (Clapp & Pond) bds. St. Charles se. c. 7th
Clapp Jane F., wid. Benjamin, r. 165 Locust
Clapp Lewis, waiter, Clarendon Hotel, bds. same
CLAPP & POND, Clapp (Henry Pond) Charles D. roofers, 26 n. 3d
Clara Clements, r. ws. and Columbus bet. Barton Victor
Clare William, r. n. and 9th bet. Salisbury Farrar
Clarendon Hotel, Poplar ne. c. 7th
Clarey James A., bds. 60 s. 5th
Clark bds. 17 Walnut
Clark A., printer, bds. 487 Broadway
Clark Abram, teamster, (col'd) r. es. and 14th b. Jefferson Madison
Clark Albert, clerk, O. & M. R. R., ne. c. and 2d Carr, r. n. 9th
Clark Albert, clerk, bds. Planters' House
CLARK ALBERT G., advertising agent Herald, r. ss. and Dodier b. 14th 16th
Clark Anderson, plasterer, bds. 14 n. 13th
Clark Andrew, lab., bds. 50 Carr
Clark Andrew, salesman, McMechan & Ballentine, bds. City Hotel
Clark Anna, wid. John, washing, r. 26 Morgan
Clark Arthur, lab., r. 380 n. 2d
Clark Arza B., barkeeper, 292 Broadway
Clark Augustus, tobacconist, bds. 302 Broadway
Clark Carvil, cooper, r. and Lami b. Jackson Carondelet av
Clark Charles S., (Clark & Henry) (Clark & Schuler) r. 14 n. 13th
Clark David B., (James Clark & Co.) r. 368 Chesnut
Clark David L., planemaker, bds. 11 Collins
Clark Edward J.. clerk P. R. R., bds. 6 n. 9th
Clark Edward W., teller, State Sav. Asso., bds. se. c. and 10th Pine
Clark Edwin R., clerk, bds. es. and Collins bet. Columbia Bates
CLARK ELIAS, sewing machines, 82 n. 4th, r. 11th ne. c. Madison,
Clark Elizabeth, wid. Robert, bds. 102 Walnut
Clark Ellen, wid. James, beer saloon, 172 n. Green, r.
Clark Frances, wid. Joseph, bds. 220 Locust
Clark Frances, wid. Patterson, bds. 102 Walnut