St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CleggEdward,r. 269 Carr
CleggJames,locksmith, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
CleggSamuel,boarding, 700 Broadway, r. same
CleggSamuel,(Browne & Co.)r. 236 n. 5th
CleggSarahA.,r.17th b. Cass av. and Mullanphy
CleggWilliam,blacksmith,bds. 700 Broadway
Cleland Harrison,clerk,bds. 25 Chesnut
Clemensdairyman, Gravois rd. and Buena Vista
ClemensAlexanderJ., clerk, J. Clemens & Co., Carondelet av.b. Park and Lafayette
ClemensCharles,varnisher,bds.19th nw.c.n. Market
ClemensHenryW., clerk U. S. A.,bds. 149 Chesnut
CLEMENSJAMES, 32 n. 3d, r. 8 n. 6th
ClemensJamesB., clerk J. Clemens, jr.,r. 8 n. 6th
ClemensJane,wid. John M.,bds. 168 Locust
ClemensJohn,(J. Clemens & Co.) Carondelet av.b. Park and Lafayette avs
ClemensJohn, jr., clerk J. C. Swon, Carondelet av.b. Carroll and Lafayette av
ClemensJohn, sr.,sailmaker, b. Carroll and Lafayette av
CLEMENS J. & CO.,ClemensJohnJohnson)JohnR.bag and tarpaulin mnfrs., 12 n. Levee and 24 Commercial, up stairs
ClemensonIver,blacksmith, bet. 10th and alley
ClementArnold,brickmaker, b. 12th and 13th
ClementBenjaminF.,moulder, 36 Plum
ClementEllen,wid.,bds. 6 n. 9th
ClementFranklin,moulder, 38 Plum
ClementMarenus,lab.,bds. 369 n. Main
ClementsJames,reporter, rooms 9 St. Charles
ClempsonStephen, 19th and 20th
ClemsonHenry,hatter,bds. 95 Franklin av
ClendeninJohnP.,clerk,bds.Clark 15th
CLENDENINWILLIAMA.,ins agt.,3d ne.c. Olive, r. 144 Pine
ClendeningJohn,painter,r. 363 Morgan
ClengTheodore,moulder,r. 10 Florida
ClennenLawrence,carpenter,bds. 45 n. alley
ClereFrancisJ.Rev., nr. Warren
ClerkeJames,miller,r.c.Lafayette and Buel
CleryEdmund,saddler,r. 109 Christy av
CLEVELANDCHARLESM., editor St. Louis Price Currentr. 16 Wash
Cleveland Henry,marble worker,r. 129 Green
Cleveland John,carpenter,r. 65 Rutgers
CleverstoneJohn,watchmaker,bds.6th bet. Cerre and Gratiot
ClextonJohn,lab.,r. 284 n. 8th
ClextonWilliamJ.,saloon, 108 s. 4th, r same
CleyHenry,cigarmaker, 340 Broadway
CleymoreElinor,wid. Louis,r. 34 Madison
ClibbonRobertC., bookkeeper Wm. H. Card & Co.,r. 24 Ashley
ClicklerFrank,pressman,bds. 191 n. 6th
CliffordDavid,lab.,r. 100 Christy av
CliffordJeremiah,bds.O'Fallon b. 18th and 19th
CliffordJohn,bootmaker, 7 Olive, r. Carr nw.c. 14th
CliffordJohn,teamster,r. rear 227 Franklin av
CliffordPhillip,lab., at Alexander McLagan's
CliffordWilliam,lab.,r. 502 n. Main
CliftonAnne,bds, 96 n. 7th
CliftonCharles,(Clifton & Torrey)r. 64 s. 7th
CliftonDanielW., bookkeeper, Gordon & Rootes,bds. 392 n. 7th
CliftonWashington, clerk, Gordon & Rootes,bds. 392 n. 7th
CliftonCharles periodicals, Clifton & Torrey, 64 s. 7th
ClineBenjamin,saddler,bds. 80 s. 5th
ClineFrederickA., salesman, John H. Mullen,r. 239 Broadway
ClineGeorgeW.,lawyer,r. 46 s. 14th
ClineJacob,carpenter,bds. 31 n. 12th