St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CohnJacob,pedlar,r. 31 Christy av
CohnMichaelL.(W. & S. Landeker & Co.,)r. 78 Morgan
CohnMorris,(M. Cohn & Co.,)r. 6 Gay
CohnPhilip,clerk,bds. 159 Broadway
CohnSamuel,fancy store, 322 Broadway, r. same
CohnWilliam,cattle trader, and 2d, near Rutgers
Cohn M. & Co.,CohnMorris and Myers,)Rodolph 36 n. Levee and 233 Broadway
CohringGerhard,porter,r. 71 Carr
CohringLouisa,widow Henry,r. 71 Carr
CoilFrancis,shoemaker, and 10th, near Clark av
CoilMichael,lab.,r. 184 s. 3d
CoileMartin,deputy marshal,bds. 456 n. 9th
CoileyJohn,lab.,bds. 40 Biddle
CoinerThomas,clerk, rooms sw.c. Vine and 3d
CokeAugustus,carpenter,bds 328 n. 9th
CokerBerendina,dressmaker,r.17th, nw.c. Market
CologhanMargaret,widow Edward, av. and O'Fallon, e. of 7th
COLAHANSTEPHENJ.,dry goods, 22 n. 12th, r. same
Colb,John,saddler,r. 78 s 2d
ColbachHenry,lab., near O'Fallon
ColbertDavid,lab., and 13th nr. Spruce
ColburnA. V., Lieut. Recruiting office, 11 s. 4th
COLBURNFREDERICKM.,ticket agtT. H. A. & St. Louis R. R.,4th, under Planters' House, r. 40 n. 8th
ColburnMariaB.,widow Jesse;r. 196 n. 5th
ColburnGeorgeW.,printer,bds.Monroe House
ColburnRichardY.,clerk,bds.Wash, sw.c. 5th
ColburneJohn, salesman, Haight & O'Brien
ColcordCharles, clerk Gaylord, Son & Co.,bds.Virginia Hotel
ColcordWilliam,(Gaylord, Son & Co.,)r. 43 W. Brooklyn
ColeEdwardW.,steward,r 47 Orange
ColeFrank, bartender Charles Trappiel,bds. 45 Locust
ColeGeorgeW.,carpenter,ws.10th nr. Cass av
ColeIraA.,clerkMissouri Hotel Hotel
ColeJames,cook,, bet. 22d and 23d
ColeJames,moulder,bds. 93 Collins
ColeJohn,lab., nr. Barry
ColeJohn,trader,r. 159 Franklin av
ColeJohnC.,machinist,bds. 93 Collins
COLEJOHNC.,umbrella, parasol and cane mnfr., 56 Washington 5th, r. same
ColeLawrence,bricklayer,bds. 328 Biddle
ColeMargaret,widow Joseph,r. 203 n. 8th
ColeNathan,(W. L. Ewing & Co.,) 17th and 18th
ColeNelson, foreman Philibert & Branconier,r. 70 Centre
ColePeter, finisher, J. T. Dowdall & Co
ColeRichardH.(J. J. O'Fallon & Co.)r. 93 Collins
ColeRobertA.,dressmaking, 160 n. 5th, r. same
ColeRobertF.,clerk,bds 240 Webster
ColeSarah,George, laundress, 121 Morgan
ColeSarahY.,school teacher,r. 312 n. 2d
ColeThomas,Rev.,r. 312 n. 7th
ColeThomas,(col'd) steward,r. 60 Orange
ColeWilliam,silverplater,bds. 165 Green
ColeWilliamH.,mate,r. 224 n. 7th
COLEWILLIAMS., druggist, and dealer in paints oils and glass,16th se.c. Carr, bds. 328 Biddle
COLE A. C. & Co.ColeAlfredC. and Stratman)Bernardsilverplater, 113 n. 5th
ColemanBrian,lab.,bds.Spruce bet. 12th and 13th
ColemanCharles,brushmaker,bds. 36 Plum
ColemanCharlesD.,lawyer,5th se.c. Chesnut, r. 128 n. 10th
ColemanDavidC.,grocer,Morgan sw.c. Pratte av
COLEMANELIPHALETB.,nurseryman,ss.Manchester Compton and Grand av.r. 3 s.
ColemanFrederick,brushmaker,bds. 36 Plum
ColemanGeorgeW., clerk, Thomas & Papin,bds. 131 n. 5th