St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CollinsBernard,livery, 78 n. 11th
CollinsBryan,carpenter,bds.ns.s.Brooklyn bet. lst and n. 2d
CollinsCatherine,wid. Thomas, bet. Estelle and Clark av
CollinsCharles,(Collins, Kellogg & Kirby)r.New York
CollinsCharles,glassblower,Arsenal, ne.c. 7th
CollinsCharles,lab., nr. Marion
CollinsCharlesP.,machinist,bds. 126 Collins
CollinsCornelius,boarding, 96 n. Levee, r. same
CollinsCornelius,(col'd) whitewasher,r. alley bet. 3d and 4th near Market'
CollinsDaniel,drayman, and 9th nr. Cass av
CollinsDennis,lab.,ns.e.Brooklyn b. 1st and 2nd
CollinsEdward,carpenter, bet. O'Fallon and Davis
CollinsFrances,James,r. 505 s. 7th
CollinsFrancis,saddler,r. rear 281 Carondelet av
COLLINSGEORGET.,manager St. Louis theatre,r. 267 alley b. Biddle, O'Fallon 6th and 7th
COLLINSHENRYH.,saloon, 1156 Broadway, r. same
CollinsHugh,miller, near Carroll
CollinsJames,driver, c. 19th
COLLINSJAMES,(Gaty, McCune & Co.)r. 38 Collins
CollinsJames,lab.,r.12th b. Branch and Davis
CollinsJames,lab.,bds.n.w.c.11th and Montgomery
CollinsJames,lab., b. 14th and 15th
CollinsJames,driver, alley b. 7th and 8th nr. Clark av
CollinsJames,shoemaker, 252½ n. 5th, r. same
CollinsJames,teamster,bds. 112 n. 15th
CollinsJeremiah,peddler,r.17th b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
CollinsJohn,carpenter,bds. 137 s. 6th
CollinsJohn,carpenter, 194 n. 6th
CollinsJohn,drayman,r. alley bet. Cass av. and O'Fallon e. of 7th
CollinsJohn,drayman, b. Benton and Warren
CollinsJohn,lab.,bds. 97 n. Levee
CollinsJohn,lab., and Easton, Sidney and Anna
CollinsJohn,lab., and 13th nr. Spruce
CollinsJohn,policeman,r. 218 High
CollinsJohn,porter William Matthews & Co.,r.14th b. Biddle and O'Fallon
CollinsJohn,steamfitter, b. Morgan and Franklin av
CollinsJohn, waiter, Monroe House
CollinsJohnB.,teller and notary public,bds. 24 n. 8th
CollinsJohnE.,(Tatum & Co.)r. 150 Washington avenue
CollinsJohnL.,carpenter, and Easton, Sidney and Anna
CollinsJohnM.,(Collins & Lupton)r. 13 Franklin avenue
CollinsJohnS.,bds. 232 Morgan
CollinsJulius,carpenter, bet. Allen and Geyer av
CollinsLeonard,grocer,12th b. O'Fallon and Cass av.,r. same
CollinsMartha,boarding, 133 Franklin av.,r. same
CollinsMartin,riverman,r. 174 n. 10th
CollinsMartin,(Rosenheim & Collins) b. Market and Clark av
CollinsMary,wid. Eli,r. 232 Morgan
CollinsMichael,lab.,r. 2 s. 9th
CollinsMichael,lab.,bds. 199 Olive
CollinsMichaelP.,grocer, 52 Biddle, r. same
CollinsMonroeR.,foreman, Nathan Coleman,r.Olive sw.c. Compton av
COLLINSMORRIS,sheet lead and pipe manfr.,nw.c.Main and Almond, r. Hartford, Conn
CollinsNicholas,tinner,r. 168 n. 7th
CollinsOliverA.,teamster,r. 171 St. Charles