St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ConranThomas,meatmarket, 35 n. Market, r. Adolph ne.c. Randolph
ConrayGeorgeM., engineer, Republican office,r. 191 n. 6th
CourichJohn,ostler,bds. 272 Broadway
ConrodJohn,bricklayer,r. 279 Carondelet av
Conroybds. 189 n. 6th
ConroyCharles,lab.,r. 73 s. Main
ConroyDenis,teamster,bds. 243 Biddle
ConroyEugene,painter,r. rear 167 s. 5th
ConroyFrancis,tailor, 330 Broadway
ConroyJames,carpenter,r. rear ns. Biddle nr. 25th
ConroyJames,clothier, 330 Broadway, r. same
ConroyJames,riverman,bds. 201 Broadway
ConroyJamesB.,stonecutter,bds.11th ne.c. Market
ConroyJohn,porter,r. 171 s. Main
ConroyJohnJ.,currier,r. 230 Franklin av
ConroyJohnJ.,(John J. Cotiroy & Bro.)r. 82 Pine
ConroyJohnT.,clerk,r. 230 Franklin av
ConroyJoseph, foreman Bowe's stone quarry,r.ns.n.Market b. 23d and Pratte av
ConroyLeonardJ., clerk, Ryan & Louthan,r. 230 Franklin av
ConroyMichael,grocer,nw.c.15th and O'Fallon, r. same
ConroyMichael,tailor,r. 79 n 15th
ConroyMichael,tailor, 330 Broadway
ConroyPatrick,drayman,'Fallon b. 24th and 25th
ConroyPatrick,lab., and 9th and Biddle and O'Fallon
ConroyStephen,lab., and 2d near Cedar
ConroyThomasJ.,(John J. Conroy & Bro.)r. 82 Pine
ConroyWilliam,collarmaker,bds.13th b. Market and Clark av
CONROY JOHN J. & BRO.,(JohnJ. & ThomasP.) grocers,Pine se.c. 7th
ConstCharles,teamster,r.Hamptramck b. Geyer av. and Julia
ConstableNathaniel, inspector of weights and measures, office with child Pratt & Co.,r. 18 Brooklyn
ConstanzHenry, clerk, Erfort & Petring,bds. 3 s. 2d
ConsteinAugust,lab., 363 Market
Constinegardener,bds.Lafayette se.c. Grand av
ConstineCharles, porter, Savings Institution,r. 71 s. Main
Continental Insurance Company, of New York,se.c. Main and Vine
ConstinerFrederickW.,brickmaker, and 17th nr. Carr
ConverseAlbertB.,agt.Pacific R. R., 42 n. 4th, bds. City Hotel
ConverseDelinda,wid.,r.Pine nr. Leffingwell av
ConverseHenry,clerk,bds.Emily nw.c. Bernard
CONVERSEJAMES,Rev., prof. St. Louis Universityr. same
ConverseJ. Mason,bookkeeper,bds. 279 Franklin avenue
ConwayCharles,engineer, b. Howard and Brooklyn
ConwayColumbus,carpenter, b. Howard and Brooklyn
ConwayDenis,lab.,r. 260 Green
ConwayJames,lab.,Lucas av.b. Pratte and Beaumont avs
ConwayJames,lab.,r.Collinsb.Ashley & O'Fallon
ConwayJamesA., bookkeeper, Michel & Roberts,bds.Walters Restaurant
CONWAYJAMESJ., clerk, Richard Edwards,r. 63 Walnut
ConwayJohn,farmer,bds. 335 Broadway
ConwayJohn,lab.,r. 22 Chambers
ConwayJohn,lab.,r. 445 n. Main
ConwayMaria,wid. Amos, bet. Howard and Brooklyn