St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CorringtonJohn,blacksmith,al.b.7th and 8th n. of Cass
CorrisWilliam,machinist, and 14th, Biddle and O'Fallon
CorrisWilliamH.,blacksmith, and 14th, Biddle and O'Fallon
CorrollJohnO.,bookkeeper,r. 44 Carr
CorryGeorge,watchman,r.nsal.b.14th and 15th, Franklin av. and Wash
CorserG. W.,tinner,bds. 245 Broadway
CortambertLouisR.,clerk, County Recorder,r,Gratiot n. of 10th
CortensHenry,grocer, 156 s, 7th, r, same
CorwinEliza,wid.,r. 154 Green
CorwinIsaac,waiter,bds.,n. 4th
CosabullHenry,lab.,r.Jackson nr. Trudeau
CosbyVincent,printer, 87 n. 2d, r 163 Market
CosgeryMary,wid. William,r. 164 Morgan
CosgraveFrancis,tailor,r. 115 St. Charles
CosgravePatrick,lab.,r. 41 n. 9th
CosgroveEdward,bricklayer,r. 107 Spruce
CosgroveJohn,r. 114 Carr
CosgroveJohn,carpenter,bds. 327 Broadway
CosgroveJohn,lab.,r. rear 177 n, 12th
CosgroveMathew,lab.,r. 156 n. 12th
CosgroveMichael,lab.,r. 65 Green
CosgroveMichaelF.,blacksmith,bds. 72 Carr
CosgroveRichard,wire worker,r. 176 Green
CosgroveSallie,wid. Patrick, and O'Fallon, nr. 6th
CosmanMargaret,wid. Henry,r.Geyer av,bet. Menard and Buel
CosminskeyCharles,cabinet maker,r.ns.Market b. 12th and 13th
CosseJosephB.,carpenter, bet, Biddle and O'Fallon
CossenJohn,bricklayer,r.Buel sw.c. Geyer avenue
CostalloFrancis,stone mason,r. 390 Franklin av
CostanJohn,carpenter,r. 233 n. 9th
CostarJames,fruiterer, 97 s. 4th, r. same
CosteFelix,(Coste & Leussler,) and pres. of St. Louis Building and Savings Association,r 182 s 5th
Coste & Leussler,Coste(Felix and Leussler,)Augustebrewers 439 and 441 Carondelet av
CostelloAndrew,boatman,r.Randolph b. Adolph and Mercer
CostelloEllen,wid. Phillip,r. 383 n. Main
CostelloJohn,lab., rear n. Market
CostelloJohnS.,brushmaker, 712 Broadway, r. 747 Broadway
CostelloMartin,lab.,bds. 383 n. Main
CostelloMary,wid. Patrick,r. 37 n. 10th
CostelloPhillip,lab.,bds. 383 n Main
CostoloJohn,lab.,bds. 201 Broadway
CottamRichardD.,plasterer,r. rear 308 9th
CotteJule, blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
CotterHenryB.,carpenter,bds., 12 s. 11th
CotterMichael,blacksmith, b. Almond and Spruce
CottetJules,mechanic,r rear 191 s. 7th
CottierWilliam,stonecutter,r.ns.Warren b. 14th and 15th
CottinClaude,lab.,r.Fulton sw.c, Julia
CottingAmos,(Jameson, Cotting & Co.,)r. 110 Walnut
CottingE. Franklawyer,bds.Monroe House
CottlanderFrederick,laborerr,ns.Madison near 10th
CottleRichard,carpenter,bds.ns.Clark av.b. 15th and 16th
CottnamCharlesH., bookkeeper, Dutcher & Co,bds, 106 s. 5th
CottnamMaurice, porter, Miller & Scott,r.ns.Franklin b. 22nd and 23d
COTTONGEORGEW.,spring pistons and revolving grates 228 n. Main, r. 38 Collins
CottonLeceister,bds. 82 n. 7th
CottonR. S.,bds. 82 n. 7th
CottrelOliver,engineer,r.Elliot nr.n. Market