St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Corrington John, blacksmith, al. b. and 7th 8th n. Cass
Corris William, machinist, r. al. b. and 13th 14th, Biddle O'Fallon
Corris William H., blacksmith, r. al. bet. and 13th 14th, Biddle O'Fallon
Corroll John O., bookkeeper, r. 44 Carr
Corry George, watchman, r. ns al. b. and 14th 15th, Franklin av. Wash
Corser G. W., tinner, bds. 245 Broadway
Cortambert Louis R., clerk, County Recorder, r, of Gratiot n. 10th
Cortens Henry, grocer, 156 s, 7th, r,
Corwin Eliza, wid., r. 154 Green
Corwin Isaac, waiter, bds., n. 4th
Cosabull Henry, lab., r. Jackson nr. Trudeau
Cosby Vincent, printer, 87 n. 2d, r Market
Cosgery Mary, wid. William, r. 164 Morgan
Cosgrave Francis, tailor, r. 115 St. Charles
Cosgrave Patrick, lab., r. 41 n. 9th
Cosgrove Edward, bricklayer, r. 107 Spruce
Cosgrove John, r. 114 Carr
Cosgrove John, carpenter, bds. 327 Broadway
Cosgrove John, lab., r. rear 177 n, 12th
Cosgrove Mathew, lab., r. 156 n. 12th
Cosgrove Michael, lab., r. 65 Green
Cosgrove Michael F., blacksmith, bds. 72 Carr
Cosgrove Richard, wire worker, r. 176 Green
Cosgrove Sallie, wid. Patrick, r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon, nr. 6th
Cosman Margaret, wid. Henry, r. and Geyer av, bet. Menard Buel
Cosminskey Charles, cabinet maker, r. ns. and Market b. 12th 13th
Cosse Joseph B., carpenter, r. es. and 9th bet, Biddle O'Fallon
Cossen John, bricklayer, r. Buel sw. c. Geyer avenue
Costallo Francis, stone mason, r. 390 Franklin av
Costan John, carpenter, r. 233 n. 9th
Costar James, fruiterer, 97 s. 4th, r.
Coste Felix, and (Coste & Leussler,) pres. St. Louis Building and Savings Association, r 182 s 5th
Coste & Leussler, Coste (Felix Leussler,) Auguste brewers 439 and 441 Carondelet av
Costello Andrew, boatman, r. and Randolph b. Adolph Mercer
Costello Ellen, wid. Phillip, r. 383 n. Main
Costello John, lab., r. ws. n. rear 2nd n. Market
Costello John S., brushmaker, 712 Broadway, r. Broadway
Costello Martin, lab., bds. 383 n. Main
Costello Mary, wid. Patrick, r. 37 n. 10th
Costello Phillip, lab., bds. 383 n Main
Costolo John, lab., bds. 201 Broadway
Cottam Richard D., plasterer, r. rear 308 9th
Cotte Jule, blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
Cotter Henry B., carpenter, bds., 12 s. 11th
Cotter Michael, blacksmith, r. es. and Main b. Almond Spruce
Cottet Jules, mechanic, r rear 191 s. 7th
Cottier William, stonecutter, r. ns. and Warren b. 14th 15th
Cottin Claude, lab., r. Fulton sw. c, Julia
Cotting Amos, (Jameson, Cotting & Co.,) r. 110 Walnut
Cotting E. Frank lawyer, bds. Monroe House
Cottlander Frederick, laborer r, ns. near Madison 10th
Cottle Richard, carpenter, bds. ns. and Clark av. b. 15th 16th
Cottnam Charles H., bookkeeper, Dutcher & Co, bds, 106 s. 5th
Cottnam Maurice, porter, Miller & Scott, r. ns. and Franklin b. 22nd 23d
COTTON GEORGE W., spring pistons and revolving grates 228 n. Main, r. Collins
Cotton Leceister, bds. 82 n. 7th
Cotton R. S., bds. 82 n. 7th
Cottrel Oliver, engineer, r. Elliot nr. n. Market