St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CouchGeorge,(George Couch & Co.,)r.ns.Clark av.b. 20th and 21st
CouchHenry,blacksmith,r.ssChouteau av. near Pratte av
COUCH GEORGE & CO,Couch(George and Hatton,)Thos.J.paper hanging &c., 77 n. 4th and Olive sw.c. Pratte av
Coudraneprinter,bds. 89 Franklin av
CoudreyJohn, clerk, C. H. Tyler & Co.,bds.Washington av.b. 5th and 6th
CoudyCharles,carpenter,r. 70 n. 17th
CoughlanDavid,drayman,r. 67 Biddle
CoughlanJ.,lab.,Palm b. 9th and 10th
CoughlanJohn,drayman, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
CoughlanJohn,machinist,bds. 52 Centre
CoughlinEdward,boarding, 87 s. Main
CoughlinJohn,blacksmith,r.L'esperance b. Carondelet av. and Jackson
CoughlinJohn,lab,r. rear es. 11th bet. Warren and Montgomery
CoughlinJohn,machinist,r. 52 Centre
CoughlinMartin,bartender, bet. 2d and 3d
CoughlinMichael,lab., bet. 16th and w. 16th
CoughlinOwen,foreman,r. 5 Benton
CoughlinThomas,drayman,r.s.13th bet. Poplar and Randolph
CoughlinWilliam,lab, bet. Florida and Mullanphy
CoulesAnnM.,midwife, 259 n. 7th
CoulesHenryW.,furnace builder,r. 259 n. 7th
CouloiFrancis,quarryman,r.Carondelet Victor
CouloiFrancis, jr.,quarryman,r.Carondelet Victor
CouloiIsidore,quarryman,r.Carondelet Victor
CouloiFrancis,mason,r.Carondelet Victor
CoulterLevi, bookkeeper,Berkley House, r. 377 Morgan
CoulterWilliam,carpenter,Olive, ne.c. Garrison av.r. same
CoulthurstJames,stonecutter,r.Baldwin, nr Market
CounheimLeopoldW.,printer,bds. 77 Franklin av
CouplinRobert,lab.,bds.21st nr north Market
Courat,wid, Enoch,Franklin b, Beaumont and Leffingwell av
CourtWilliam,carpenter,r. 21 s 6th
CourtenayThomasE..(John M. Wimer & Co.,) and county Sheriffr.Clark avse.c. 15th
CourteneyEdward,lab.,n.2d near R. R. track
CourteneyEmma,wid. Franklin Stouffer,r.Biddle, se.c. 17th
CourtlyPlanter,shoemaker,r.Menard bet. Emmet and Lafayette
CourtneyHannah,(col'd) midwife, 39 n. 8th
CourtneyMichael,lab.,bds. 96 n. Levee
CourtneyOwen,lab., near Cass av
CourtneyPatrick,butcher,r.23d bet. Washington av and St. Charles
CourtneyThomas,lab.,r. rear ss. Cass 23d and 24th
CousinsHenryC.,painter,r. 5 n. 10th
CousinanG. B.,bartender,r. rear 208 Biddle
Cousland George, bookkeeper, Peter J. Peters,r,es.11th b.n. Market and Benton
Cousbland George,saddler,r,es.11th b.n. Market and Benton
CouvionsEdward,meat market, 21 n. Market, r. Rock Spring
CouvionsLouis,soap and candle maker,r.ns.Gay b. 21st and 22d
CouvionsPeter,meat market, 6 Centre Market, r. New Cerre
COUZINSJOHNE. D.,inspector, fire and buildings3d story City Hall, r. 93 n. 11th