St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CoxThomas,policeman,r. 100 Mound
CoxWilliam,barkeeperPanama House
CoxWilliam,drayman,r.s.12th bet. Poplar and Randolph
CoxWilliam,engineer,bds. 486 n. Main
CoxWilliam,(Hale & Cox,)r. 85 s. 14th
CoxWilliam,steamboatman,bds. 100 Mound
CoxWilliam,tobacconist, 198 n. 5th
CoyAbraham,engineer, bet. Benton and Warren
CoyDaniel,clerk, G. Harrington,r. 177 n. 9th
CoyHenry,carpenter, rear Benton b. 13th and 14th
CoyJamesB.,grocer,ns.Gratiot bet. 11th and 12th, r. same
CoyWilliamC.,engineer,r. 427 n. 9th
CoyelJohn,ostler, Bidwell's stable,se.c.Walnut and 3d
CoylPatrick,lab., and 10th, nr. Morgan
CoylPatrick,boatman, bet. Cass av. and Mullanphy
CoyleAdam,ser'gt night police,r. 62 n. Market
CoyleAhos,(Coyle & Potter,)bds.6th, se.c. Washington av
CoyleBarnard,clerk, Belcher & Co.,r. 387 n. 8th
CoyleCharles,fruit pedlar,bds 331 Broadway
CoyleDaniel,porter, 304 Broadway
CoyleJames,blacksmith,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 21st and 22d
CoylesJames,locksmith,Franklin bet. Leffingwell and St. Charles road
CoyleJoseph,founder,bds.St. Louis House
CoyleJosephT.,machinist,bds.Main ne.c. Green
CoyleMichael,dep. marshal,Court House
CoylePatrick,lab.,r. 131 Wash
CoylePatrick,lab.,r. 192 n. 6th
CoylePerryB.,policeman,, nr. Marion
CoylePeter,lab.,r. 29 O'Fallon
Coyle & Potter,Coyle(AmosPotter,)Robertpatentmedicines 65 Olive
CoyaJohn,lab.,r. alley b. Franklin av. and Wash, and 7th and 8th
CoyneJames,music teacher, and 8th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CoyneJohn,lab.,r. 4 O'Fallon
CoyneLuke,riverman,bds. 7 and 9 Washington av
CoyneMichael, jr.,music teacher,r.b.7th and 8th, nr. Biddle
CoyneMichael, sr.,r,al.b.7th and 8th nr. Biddle
CoynePhilip,(Whealen & Coyne,)bds. 172 n. 4th
COZENSWILLIAMH.,county surveyor, Court House,r. 17 s. 7th
CozzenWillis,carpenter, av. and Spruce
CozzensJames,bookkeeper, Crow, McCreery & Co.,bds. 108 Pine
CozzensWilliamF.,(Hull & Cozzens,) av.c. Countz
CrabbRobert,pressman "Democrat,"bds. 20 Wash
CradanThomas,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 24th and Pratte av
CradanThomas,ostler,r. rear 291 Carr
CradenThomas,teamster, and Bremen avenue
CradenWilliam,r. 49 n. 17th
CraftJosephL.,printer,r. 18 Biddle
CraftJohn,butcher, Mound Market, Ferry
CraftMosesB.,pressman,r. 80 Collins
CrahanCatherine,wid. Bryan,r. 6 O'Fallon
CraigAlexander,(Craig & Hambleton,)r. 110 n. Levee
CraigArchibald,telegraph operator,bds. 122 Olive
CRAIGJAMES,furniture 57 n. 2d r. 248 Chesnut
CraigJohn,carpenter, bet, Clark av. and Market
CraigMontgomery,printer,bds. 71 s. 6th
CraigM.,driver,bds. 272 Broadway
CraigRichard,carpenter, av.b. 18th and 19th
CraigRobertE.,r. 71 s. 6th