St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Cross Henry F., ws. near Carondelet av. Chippewa
Cross G. Henry, nursery agt., Olive sw. c. 4th, r. Laclede av
Cross James E., (J. E. Cross & Co.) r. 255 Washington av
Cross James, lab., r. n. 10th nr. Carr
Cross John, engineer, bds. R. R. House
Cross Joseph F., (Fox & Cross) r. 235 s. 3d
Cross Peter, (col'd) r. al. b. and 3d 4th nr. Walnut
Cross Thomas, lab., r rear 506 n. Main
CROSS JAMES E. & Co., Cross (James E. Brown) M. E. metal depot, 124 n. 2d
Crothers Elizabeth, wid. Robert, bds. sw. c. and 13th Poplar
Crotty John, saloon, 11 Centre, r.
Crotty William, lab., r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Crouch William, carpenter, r. ss. and Austin b. 15th 16th
Crough William, teamster, r. 300 n. 2d
Crouse Henry, blacksmith, r. 9th ne. c. Market
Crouse Henry, stewart, r. ws. and 21st b. Franklin av. Wash
Crouse William F., carpenter, r. 198 High
Crow rooms 63 Walnut
Crow Albion, physician, bds. rear 867 Broadway
Crow A. T., physician, 775 Broadway
Crow Albion, conductor, r. 775 Broadway
Crow C. Wayman, (P. Crow & Sons) bds. 8th ne. c. St. Charles
Crow John, mason, r. rear 23d b. Cass av. Davis
Crow John W., clerk, Crow, McCreery & Co., bds. City Hotel
Crow Patrick, lab., r. 196 n. 8th
Crow Phillip A., entry clerk, P. Crow & Sons, bds. 8th se. c. St. Charles
Crow Phillip, vice prest. Atlantic Ins. Co. (P.Crow & Sons) r. St. Charles ne. c. 8th
Crow Spotswood, shipping clerk, P. Crow & Sons, bds. with P. Crow
Crow Wayman, and (Crow, McCreery & Co.) (prest. St. Louis Perpetual Ins. Co.) r. 34 n. 8th
Crow William A., (P. Crow & Sons) bds. 8th se. c. St. Charles
Crow William F., (J. J. Donnegan & Co.) bds. 67 Market
Crow P. & Sons, (Phillip, William A. Wayman) C. grocers, 80 n. 2d
CROW, McCREERY & CO., Crow, (Wayman McCreery, Phocion R. Hargadine, William A. Appleton George D. Mcketrick Hugh dry goods, 55 n. Main
Crowder A. N., r. 131 Christy av
Crowe John, gasfitter, r. 38 s 8th
Crowel William, bricklayer, bds. 5 Christy av
Crowell Benjamin F., blacksmith, bds. 65 Florida
Crowell Charles Henry, school teacher, ns. 57 Ann av. nr. 8th, r. Rutgers
Crowell Francis, blacksmith, bds. 65 Florida
Crowell George, bricklayer, r. 178 n. 12th
Crowell Henry A., printer, bds. 80 s. 5th
Crowell Stephen, bookkeeper, Allen, Copp & Nisbet, rooms 162 Locust
Crowell William, Rev., (William Crowell & Co.) r. 105 Washington av
Crowell William & Co., Crowell (William Grady) J. B. F. booksellers and stationers, 10 Olive
Crowley Anna, wid. Michael, r. and 14th Angelica
Crowley Daniel, tailor, bds. City Hotel
Crowley Cornelius, lab., r. rear 167 n. 11th
Crowley Daniel, lab., r. 348 n. 7th
Crowley Dennis, lab., r. 113 O'Fallon
Crowley George, policeman, r. es. 11th nr. Angelrodt
Crowley James, lab., bds. es. n. and 2d b. Columbia Bates
Crowley Jeremiah, tailor, bds. and O'Fallon b. 5th 6th
Crowley Jeremiah, teamster, bds. ss. and Wash b. 21st 22d
Crowley Jeremiah W., (Roddy & Crowley) r. 123 Morgan