St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CurrieG. H.,peddler,bds. 302 Broadway
CurrieJohn,marble cutter,bds. 23 Gay
CurrierEdward,driver,r. 56 Spruce
CurrierPhillipW.,agent St. L. R. R.,r.10th bet. Salisbury and Malinckrodt
CURRIERWARREN,lawyer, 33 Chesnut, r. 450 Morgan
CurrierJames,lab, and 10th and Biddle and O'Fallon
CurryDaniel,engineer,r.Allen av.sw.c. 7th
CurryFrancis,clerk,r.Spruce b. 18th and 19th
CurryJames,blacksmith,, near Mullanphy
CurryJohnJ.,(Butler & Chase,) 243 Broadway, r. 163 n. 5th
CurryJohnW.,carpenter,bds. 245 Broadway
CurryJohnW.,carpenter, b. Jefferson and n Market
CurryRobert,machinist, St. Louis Bagging and Rope Factory
CurtGustavE.,bakery, 734 Broadway, r. same
CurtaWilliam,carpenter,r.Menard nr. Emmet
CurtisAmandaS.,wid. Cyrus,r. 8 n. 8th
CurtisCharles,merchant,r. 73 s. 14th
CurtisClaudius,carpenter,bds. 384 Market
CurtisDavidG.,M. D.,bds. 124 n. 12th
CurtisEliza,wid. Louis, b. Park av. and Barry
CurtisFrank,clerk, Curtis & Hiles,r. 82 Olive
CurtisFrank,clerk, Curtis & Hiles, and Labadie
CurtisFranklin,lamp and oil, 130 n. 3d, r. 87 St. Charles
CurtisGeorgeW.,lamp dealer,75th, r. 249 Olive
CurtisGeorgeW.,agt.Breckenridge Coal Oil Co.,bds. 249 Olive
CurtisHenryH.,salesman, Scarrett & Mason,r.Locust c. Garrison av
CurtisHugh,lab.,r.ns.Franklin b. 24th and Pratte avenue
CustisJames,driver,r. 56 Spruce
CURTISJAMES,silverplater, 20 Olive, room 30, r. same
CurtisJohn,brickmaker,bds.c.Clark av. and Pratte avenue
CurtisJohnB.,engineer,r. 29 Chambers
CurtisMathewB.,(M. B. Curtis & Co.)bds.Clifton House
CurtisPhillip,(col'd) drayman, b. Garrison and Compton av
CurtisRinaldoI.,physician,bds. 124 n. 12th
CurtisSamuelC.,pilot,r.Magazine nr. Fillmore
CurtisW. P.,lawyer,ne.c.4th and Chesnut, r. 82 Olive
CurtisWilliam,cooper,r. 132 n. 6th
CurtisWilliam,engineer,r. 172 Carr
CurtisWilliamH.,carpenter,r.ns.Cozzens e. High
CurtisWilliamJ.,jeweler,r. 132 n. 6th
CurtisWilliamP.,(Curtis & Douglass)7th se.c. Labadie
CurtisZedekiahB.,(Curtis & Hiles) and Labadie
Curtis & Douglass,Curtis(WilliamP. and Douglas)JamesM.agents and collectors,Chesnut ne.c. 4th
Curtis & Hiles,Curtis(ZedekiahB.Hiles)CharlesA.Empire Saw Works,ws.n.Main b. Florida Mullanphy, office 29 n. Main
Curtis M. B. & Co.,Curtis,(MathewB.HegemanFrederick and Cecil) dealers,s.end of n. Market
CurtissTheronE.,land agent, 29½ n. 3d, bds. 60 Olive
CaryDaniel,engineer, nr. Decatur
CuskFarrell,cutter,r. 140 n. 10th
CusackJohn,mason,A. McLagan's
CusackJames,tinner, b. Walnut and Market
CushanPatrick,carpenter,r.Bellefontaine Dock and Harrison