St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
CusheJohn,lab., b. DeKalb and Jackson
CushingJosephL.,brakesman,bds.Matteson Hotel
CushwaDavidN.,ambrotypist, rooms 5th sw.c. St. Charles
CusickCornelius,lab.,r. 286 n. 8th
CusickCatharine,wid. Patrick, bet.n. Market and Benton
CusickGeorge,stonecutter, b. 24th and 25th
CusickJames,lab.,ne.c.7th and Carr
CusickJames,tinner,bds. 12 s. 10th
CusickJohn,grocer, 116 Biddle, r. same
CusickJohn,stonecutter, b. 24th and 25th
CusickMichael,lab., b. 24th and 25th
CusickMichael,lab.,r.ns.Bates b. Lewis and Main
CusickPatrick,coppersmith, b.n. Market and Benton
CusickPatrick,lab., b. 24th and 25th
CusickThomas,ostler, c. 19th
CustardFrankL.,bartender,bds.Clifton House
CusterWilliam,lab.,Hickory se.c. 8th
CUSTOM HOUSE,3d se.c. Olive
CutlerAlonzo, agent Home Mutual F. & M. Ins. Co.,r.ns.Washington av.b. 12th and 13th
CutlerAmos,(Cutter and Tirrill)r. 162 Pine
CutlerNorman,grocer,bds. 162 Pine
CutlerOrsonJ.,carpenter,bds. 122 Pine
CutlerWilliamK., b. 11th and 12th
CUTLER & TIRRILL,Cutler,(AmosTirrillJacobP. and TirrillHenrygrocers 39 n. Levee
CutlerLymanB.,agent,r. 257 n. 8th
CutshawAlbertM.,stair builder,bds. 60 s. 7th
CuttermiCharles,r. 319 s. 7th
CuttingAlbert,boatbuilder,r. 348 n. 11th
CuttnamHerbert,clerk,bds. 106 s. 5th
CzenyJossalia,widow Winzel, rd. and Rappahannock
DAABELIZABETH,boarding, 76 s. Main
DaabJohn,baker,r. 427 s. 7th
DaalarHenry,drygoods,Lami bet. Jackson and Carondelet, r. same
DaaganAnn,widow Martin,r. 239 n. 9th
DaceyPatrick,(Dacey & Daly,)r.n.5th, b. Morgan and Franklin av
DACEY & DALY,Dacey(patrick and Daly,)Edwardproduce 197 Broadway
DacieJames,clerk, W. W. Glennybds.Glenny, 175 n. 5th
DacresJames, bookkeeper, A. O. Brannin & Co.bds. 98 n. 5th
DacyMartin,lab.,r.ns.Biddle bet. 24th and 25th
DadyPatrick,lab.,r. 20 al.b. 5th and 6th, on Cerre
DaeBonne,lab.,r.n.12th, bet. Salisbury and Malinckrodt
DAENZERCHARLES,(Daenzer & Hertle,)r. 39 elm
Daenzer & Hertle,Daenzer(charles and Hertle,)editors and pro'prsWestliche Post and Mississippi Blatter
DAEUMERJOHNC.,boots and shoes, 76 s. Main, r. 331 s. 3d
DaffaaPhilip,ploughmaker,r.s.7th, nw.c. Park av
DageDora,wid. Henry,r.Natural Bridge plank rd
DaggettArthur,(Berlin & Co.,) St. Charles bet. 9th and 10th
DaggettCharles,carpenter,bds.O'Fallon b. 18th and 19th
DaggettJames,drayman,r.O'Fallon bet. 18th and 19th
DaggettJamesH.,riverman,bds. 114 s. 5th
DaggettJohnD.,(Sectional Dock Co.,)r. 114 s. 5th
DaggettWilliamC.,clerk,bds. 114 s. 5th
DaggettLyman,(J. Berlin & Co.,) bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DagnanBernard,drayman,r.ns.Biddle, nr. 24th
DahlWilliam,painter,r. 301 Carr
DahlberAugustus,tobacconist,r.Biddle, ne.c. 16th
DahlbergAlfredJ.,tobacconist,bds. 217 Biddle