St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DelaneyRichard,lab.,r. 66 s. Main
DelaneyRichard,teamster, bet. Howard and Benton
DelaneyWilliam,miller,r. rear 123 s. 6th
DelanoWilliamH.,clerk, State Sav. Assn.,bds. 74 St. Charles
DelanoWilliamJ.,editor,r. 74 St. Charles
DelanyEliza,wid. Daniel,r. 123 n. 13th
DelanyEllen,wid. William,r.n.Main bet. Madison and Jefferson
DelanyGeorge,carpenter, bet. Elm and Walnut
DelanyJames,lab.,r.ns.Wash bet. 21st and 22d
DelanyJames, porter, Haywood, Carr & Co.,r. 28 Collins
DelanyJeremiah,drayman, bet. Carr and Biddle
DelanyJohn,grocer,ns.Carr bet. 21st and 22d, r. same
DelanyMark,lab.,r. 11 O'Fallon
DelanyMichael,lab., bet. 22d and 23d
DelapJamesR.,r. 185 n. 5th
DelaplaineSarah,wid. John,r. 24 ss. Benton
DelaplainWilliamP.,clerk,r. 24 ss. Benton
DeLargyJames,S. porter, Thorp & Co.,r. 128 Biddle
DeLargyJohn, drayman, Z. F. Wetzel & Co.,r.n.5th, near Biddle
DelarueJoseph,comb maker,r. rear 8th se.c. Park av
DelaunayExaupere,baker, rear Convent bet. 3d and 4th
DelclinJacob,lab.,r. rear 307 Broadway
DelerMichael,blacksmith, 1386 Broadway, r. same
DelfiCharles,musician,, on O'Fallon, bet. 15th and 16th
DelgadoFrederick, bookkeeper, John J. Anderson & Co., bet. 16th and 17th
DelgeskampFrederick,lab.,12th sw.c. Benton
DelgmannAugustus,shoemaker, 212 Franklin av
DelhirnerPeter,cigarmaker,r. 127 n. 11th
DeLisleM., bookkeeper, Graham & Newmann,r.Carondelet
DeLisleJulius, .teacher of languages, old Post Office bldgr. 87 s. 4th
DeLisleLeonJ.,not. pub., 53 n. 2d, r. Carondelet
DeLisleWilliamF.,clerk,r. 53 s. 4th
DellJohn, bookkeeper, Weinhagen & Hornbostel, rooms 35 n. 8th
DELLNELSONC.,saloon keeper, 112 n. 3d, r. same
DellefieldWallis,salesman, rooms 10 s. 6th
DellemanGasper,tailor,r. 184 Wash
DellenhinePhillip,carpenter,r.Lafayette 12th
DellermanGeorge,tailor, 723 Broadway, r. same
DelletCharles,music printer,bds. 51 Spruce
DelliJohnG.,bds. 90 s. 2d
DellitAndrew,grocer,Buel sw.c. Bark av.,r. same
DellmeierFrederick,clerk,bds.12th nw.c. Madison
D'ElmendorffFrederick,grocer, near 3d, nw.c. Mulberry
DelorigaCatharine,wid. Patrick,r. 29 Biddle
DelporteFrederick,bartender, rooms 220 Broadway
DelportNoelr. 54 Plum
DelValleJoseph,bds. 53 n. 15th
DelyCornelius,porter,r. 157 Orange
DemarinaNicholas,jeweler,r. 73 n. 13th
DemartiniJoseph,musician, rear Lombard bt. 2d and 3d
DemeryThomasC., salesman, Goodrich, Willard & Co., bet. 14th and 16th
DEMEESTERPETERJ.,Rev. treasurer faculty St. Louis Universityr. same
DemenilNicholasN.,r. 141 s. 3d
DementKudio,lab.,r.L'Esperance bet. Carondelet av and Jackson
DemetteJohn,r.c.Lafayette and Rosatti
DemingCharles,collar maker,r.Spruce bet. 13th and 14th