St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DennehanEdward,ostler, 2d Carondelet av. and Mississippi av
DennehyPhillip,lab., bet. Clark av. ank Market
DennemannGeorge,cigarmaker, 165 n. 9th
DennemannGeorge,cigarmaker, 165 n. 9th
DennerHenry,striker,bds.Broadway bet. Cass av. and Mullanphy
DennerleinAnthony,tobacconist,bds. 191 n. 11th
DennerleinJohn,whitewasher, 191 n. 11th, r. same
DennyMaria,wid. Thomas, bet. Estelle and Clark av.
DennigEmileG.,clerk, Boeringer,r. 337 Broadway
DennihanPatrick,lab.,bds. 56 Biddle
DenningJohnW.,salesman, Liggett &Dausman,bds. 124 Pine
DennisEcer,laborer,r. 6 n. 2d opp. N. M. R. R. track
DENNISONGEORGE,agent, iron,r. 253 n. 7th
DennisonHenry,bds. 186 Market
DennisonMartin,contractor,r.sw.c.16th and Jefferson
DennyCharles,barkeeper,bds. 59 Morgan
DennyGeorgeE.,(Capen & Denny)bds.Monroe House
DennyJames,butcher, 9 Lucas Market, Beaumont av.nw.c. Walnut
DennyJames,hide buyer, John How, bet. Leffingwell and Beaumont avs
D'EntlerJacobS.,shoemaker,bds. 302 Broadway
DentonHenry,(col'd) waiter,r. alley bet. 3d and 4th near Market
DentonThomas, jr.,bookkeeper, 835 Broadway
DenvirMary,wid. William,r. 71 Orange
DenzerMichael,woodsawyer,r. 8 n. 7th
DenzlerArnold,weigher, bet. Rutgers and Convent
DenzlerMathias,lab., bet. Carroll and Soulard
DeollisGeorge,drayman, bet. Morgan and Franklin av
DeonGeorge,bricklayer,r.Emmet bet. Jackson and Carondelet
DeornerJacob,teamster,bds.13th ne.c. Market
DepenauHenryA.,dry goods and groceries, 165 and 167 s. 2d, r. same
DedendhalJohnF.,lab.,r. 199 O'Fallon
DeperyLucy,wid. John,bds.Randolph bet. 18th and 19th
DepfeeFrederick,lab.,r.11th ne.c. O'Fallon
DepkaFrederick,carpenter,r.n.11th nr. O'Fallon
DepkeHenry,lab.,bds. 241 n. 13th
DepkerHenry,lab., bet. Ann av. and Arrow
DepkinFrederick,wood dealer,r. 183 n. 13th
DepohFrank,lab.,r. rear 194 s. 2d
DePomperoyCharles,St. Ange av.b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DeppeHerman,musician,bds. 206 Market
DeppelHarmann,teamster, b. McNair and Victor
DeppenJames,carpenter, near Spring
DepplerJacob,saloon, 132 s. 2d
DepuAbraham,sawyer,r.17th nr. Wright
DepuyCharles,saloon, 181 n. 9th, r. same
DepuyLyman,riverman, bet. 16th and 17th
DeramJohn,carpenter,r. 5 al.b. 5th and 7th near Park av
DerbeckWilliam,butcher, nr. Benton
DerbyBernard,drayman, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
DerbyCharles,(Derby & Day)r.7th b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DerbyCharlesH.,clerk, Derby & Day,r.7th bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DERBY & DAY,Derby(Charles and Day)FranklinO.wines, liquors and rectifiers, 44 n. Commercial and 22 n. Levee
DERBISHIREFREDERICKP.,canvasser,r. 239 Biddle