St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
DetermannHenry,watchman, rooms 63 Chesnut
DetersAnn, widow John,r. 195 n. 11th
DetertCharlesF.,chairmaker,bds. rear 157 n. 14th
DetertChristianW.,r. rear 157 n. 14th
DetertJohnH.,constable,Biddle b. 5th and 6th, 15th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
DetmarAdolph,lab., bet. Madison and Chambers
DetmeringFrederick,carpenter,r. 418 n. 9th
DetonJamesP.,cooper,r. 14 Warren
DetrichJacob,turner,bds. 141 Collins
DetringMary, widow John, Malinckrodt and Salisbury
DetteWilliam,carpenter and bet. Virginia and Elizabeth
DettenbachJoseph,boot and shoemaker,ss.Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d
DettmarGustav,painter,r. 168 n. 12th
DettmerCharles,gardener, McNair
DettmerJoseph,lab., bet. Spring and Wright
DetmaelerJacob,tobacconist,r. 353 s. 5th
DetzAdam,saddletreemaker, 7th and Fulton
DetzJohn,carpenter,r. 119 Carondelet av
DetzelHarmon,(H. Detzel & Bro.,)r. 21 Myrtle
DetzelJohn,(H. Detzel & Bro.,)r. 21 Myrtle
Detzel H. & Bro.,(Harmon and John,)house and sign painters, 21 Myrtle, r. same
DetzlerJos.,Rev., b. 11th and 12th
DeubachHenry,carpenter, nr. 7th
DeubelGeorge,cooper, bet, 18th and 19th
DeubelWilliam,cooper,bds. 76 s. 2d
DeuperAdolph,teamster, bet. Benton and Warren
DeuperEberhard,teamster, b. Benton and Warren
DeuplerWilliam,cooper,r.2d b. Elm and Myrtle
DeutchFrank,barber,r. 26 Biddle
DEUTELMOSERADOLPH,Philadelphia brewery, 670 Morgan
DeutschmanFrederick,cabinetmaker, bet. Franklin av. and Morgan
DeuvelJohn,lab.,r.c.Levee and Mulberry
DevanyThomas,machinist,r. 278 n. 8th
DeughWilliam,baker, 424 s. 7th
DeukerHermann,teamster,r.ns.Madison bet. 15th and 16th
DeukerPhilip,teamster,r. 42 n. 13th
DevaulJohn,lab.,bds. 351 Carondelet av
DevaultRebecca, widow Isaac,r. 350 n. 2d
DevelinAndrew,plasterer, and 9th nr. O'Fallon
DeveneyJohn,lab., bet. Anna and Harper
DevenyThomas, b. 7th and Carondelet av
DeverCharles, b. Jackson and Columbus
DeverJames, clerk, Pike & Kellogg,r,ss.Olive b. 11th and 12th
DeverJohn,carpenter, bet. Jackson and Columbus
DeverMartinH.,plumber, 19 St. Charles, r. 165 n. 7th
DevereauWilliam,cooper,ws.s.7th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
DevereauPhilip,carpenter, nr. 8th
DevereauxMichael,carpenter, and 11th
DevereauxStephen,, nr. Market
DevereauxWilliam,cooper, near O'Fallon and 8th
DevereauxJohn,stonemason,bds. 254 Market
DeverughPhilipJ.,carpenter, bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
DeverughStephenJ.,carpenter, bet. Market and Clark av
DeveteConstant,brickmaker, bet. Park av. and Carroll