St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Agricultural Implements. Landreth D. & Son, 18 s. Main
Agricultural Implements. Lightner John H., 18 Pine
Agricultural MachineMnfrs. Clark Rollin, Main nw. c. Biddle.
Agricultural MachineMnfrs.Kingslands & Ferguson, c. and 2d Cherry.
Agricultural Warehouses. Landreth D. & Son, 18 s. Main
Alcohol, Spirit Gas, &c. Stillwell, Powell & Co., 12 n. 2d
Ale, Porter and Cider Bottlers. Jones Edwin E., & Co., 75 Commercial;
Ale, Porter and Cider Bottlers. Quinlivan Edward, 251 Biddle
Ale, Porter and Cider Bottlers. Shlieper H. C., c. and 10th Mound
Ale, Porter and Cider Bottlers. Veil Cerf, 3d se. c. Plum
Ale, Porter and Cider Bottlers. Wasson John B., 144 Commercial
AMBROTYPES. Scholten John A., 273 s. 5th
APOTHECARIES. Faber John E., nw. c. and Lafayette Decatur
APOTHECARIES. Kovacs Martin, 7th nw. c. Green
APOTHECARIES. Lange and and Sennewald, se. c. and 3d Market
APOTHECARIES. Leitch Alexander, 4th ne. c. Olive
APOTHECARIES. Schuetze John G., c. and Broadway Morgan
Artificial Flowers. Baldwin & Dodd, 98 n. Main
Artificial Flowers. Davis Joseph, 110 n. 4th
Artificial Flowers. Tuttle & Brown, 119 n. 4th
Artificial Flowers. Ubsdell, Peirson & Co., 4th ne. c. Vine
Artificial Limbs. Sherman E. W., 97 n. 4th
ARTISTS. Brown J. Sidney, 82 n. 4th
ARTISTS. Conant Alban J., Washington av. sw. c. 4th
Artists' Materials. Doellner Henry, 36 s. 2d
Artists' Materials. Fisher & Bennett, 98 n. Main
Artists' Materials. Pike & Kellogg, 129 n. 2d
AUCTIONEERS. Hewes E. D. & Co., 14 s. 4th
AUCTIONEERS. Morgan Edward, 107 n. 4th Vine
AUCTIONEERS. Van and Sicklen and Skillman, 139 n. 4th
Bags and Bagging. Bemis J. M. & Co., 263 n. Main