St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Physicians and Surgeons. Ward Andrew J., Pine nw. c. 6th
Physicians and Surgeons. Washington James R., 164 n. 5th
Physicians and Surgeons. Watters John H., 102½ Locust
Physicians and Surgeons. Webb William, 14th nw. c. Olive
Physicians and Surgeons. Wergel Philip F., 52 Myrtle
Physicians and Surgeons. Westerborg William, 105 Frederic House, n. 2d
Physicians and Surgeons. WHITE FRANK W., and 10th c. Morgan, 5th ne. c. Washington av
Physicians and Surgeons. WHITTIER CLARK, 16 n. 2d
Physicians and Surgeons. Wilson Angeline L., 71 s. 14th
Physicians and Surgeons. Wislizenus Adolphus, 91 s. 5th
Physicians and Surgeons. Woods Truman W., ns. and Cass av. b. 14th 15th
Physicians and Surgeons. Wright Marcus, 59 n. 5th
PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS. Appleby & Crapo, 60 n. 4th
PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS. Tilford William H., 39 n. 4th
PIANO-FORTE DEALERS. Harlow W. M., 46 and 48 Market.
PIANO-FORTE DEALERS. Peters J. L. & Bro., 49 n. 5th
PIANO-FORTE DEALERS. Sherburne Henry P., 36 Market.
PIANO-FORTE MAKER. Otto William, 356 Market
PIANO-FORTE TUNER. Otto William, 356 Market
PICKLE WAREHOUSE. Taylor Henry T., 106 n. 2d.
PLANING MILLS. Garnett & Withington, Mullanphy c. 7th.
PLANING MILLS. Ladd, Patrick & Co., 13th nw. c. O'Fallon
Plaster Paris, Dealer in. Todd G. & C. & Co., 212 n. Main
Plate-Glass, Dealers in. Boggs J. R., 57 n. 4th.
Plate-Glass, Dealers in. Johnson H. & Co., 184 n. 2d.
Plate-Glass, Dealers in. Spencer Samuel & Co., 82 n. 4th, n. 5th.
PLOW MANUFACTURERS. Kingslands & Ferguson, 2d c. Cherry.
PLUMBERS. Burd John W. & Co., 28 n. 6th.
PLUMBERS. Cadman & Martin, 209 n. 5th.
PLUMBERS. Dever Martin H., 19 St. Charles.
PLUMBERS. Jeffs & Long, 148 s. 7th
PLUMBERS. Hatch, Griffith & Co., Market c. Commercial.
PLUMBERS. Hill William G., 64 Olive
PLUMBERS. Pickles G.& Co., 228 s. 4th
PLUMBERS. Roden & Odell, 54 Locust.
PLUMBERS. Quan Matthew, 163 Market
PLUMBERS. Turner & Brother, 46 Washington av.
Printers, Book & Job. Kennedy R. V. & Co., 33 n. 3d
Printers, Book & Job. Knapp George & Co., 11 Chesnut
Printers, Book & Job. McKee & Fishback, 41 and 43 Locust
Printers, Book & Job. Rowe C. Keemle, Vine sw. c. 2d
Printers, Card and Ornamental Gast Leopold, Brothers & Co., 100 n. 4th, ateliers 2d Carondelet av. b. Geyer Lafayette avs
Printers, Card and Ornamental McLean Alexander, 3d sw. c. Chesnut.
Printers, Card and Ornamental Schrader Theodore, 7 Chesnut.