St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
SAIL LOFTS. Dodge J. G., 42 n. Commercial
Sale Stables. Albright James F. 119 n. 3d
Sale Stables. Smith & Peay, 493 and 495 Broadway
SALOONS. Bainbridge & Godden, 210 Market
SALOONS. Blossom & Co.. 71 n. 4th
SALOONS. Eberhard Charles, 145 Market
SALOONS. Gallagher John, 90 n. Levee
SALOONS. Hartmann John, 333 n. Main
SALOONS. Hauck & Bro., Main se. c. Walnut
SALOONS. Hiltz Henry, 206 s. Main
SALOONS. International, 4th ne. c. Chesnut
SALOONS. Liebert H., 55 Vine
SALOONS. Mellinger ("Monkeys") August, ("Monkeys") 13 n. 3d
SALOONS. Nolte Charles, 206 Market
SALOONS. Roderer Gregory, Broadway nw. c. Madison
SALOONS. Schuette Charles C., 351 n. Main
SALOONS. Seebach Frederick, 360 Broadway
SALOONS. Wetekamp & Bruning, 381 Franklin av
SALT DEALERS. Davis S. C. & Co., 7 n. Commercial.
SALT DEALERS. January D. A. & Co., 143 and 145 n. 2d.
SALT DEALERS. Porter, Stewart & Scott, 33 n. Levee, Commercial.
SALT DEALERS. Small & Co., 119 n. 2d.
SALT DEALERS. Von Phul, Waters & Co., 127 n. 2d.
Sash, Doors and Blinds. Bent Joseph K., Spruce nw. c. 12th
Sash, Doors and Blinds. Garnet & Withington, and 44 Mullanphy c. 7th, Olive.
Sash, Doors and Blinds. Ladd, Patrick & Co., 13th nw. c. O'Fallon
Savings Associations. Boatmans', 2d ne. c. Pine
Savings Associations. Citizens' Savings and Loan Association, 125 n. 3d.
Savings Associations. First Ward, 28 Carondelet av
Savings Associations. Franklin, Merchants' Exchange bldg.
Savings Associations. Germans', 1 s. Main
Savings Associations. Missouri Mutual, 19 Market
Savings Associations. North St. Louis Citizens' Mutual, 35 n. Market
Savings Associations. North St. Louis Savings Association, 4th ne. c. Morgan
Savings Associations. People's, Carondelet c. Park av.
Savings Associations. Real Estate, 72 n. 3d.
Savings Associations. St. Louis Building and Saving, 49 n. 2d
Savings Associations. St. Louis Domicil, 19 Market
Savings Associations. State Savings, Main se. c. Vine.
Savings Associations. United States, Market ne. c. 2d.
Saw Manufacturers. Branch, Crookes & Co., 947 Broadway, Vine,
Saw-mill Manufacturers. Clark Rollin, Main nw. c. Biddle.
Saw-mill Manufacturers. Gaty, McCune & Co., and Main 2d bet. Cherry Morgan.
Saw-mill Manufacturers. slands & Ferguson, 2d c. Cherry.
Scales and Balances. Warne, Cheever & Co., 25 n. Main.
Screw-Bolt Manufacturers. Gaty, McCune & Co., and Main 2d bet. Cherry Morgan