St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Transportation Lines. Northern Line of Steamers,(Warden & Co.,agts.) 67 Commercial.
TRUSSMNFRS. Schleiffarth Charles, 93 Market
TRUSS MNFRS. Sherman Edwin W., 87 n. 4th.
Tubs and Pails, Manufacturers of. Ming, Meegan & Co., 64 n. Levee.
Tubs and Pails, Manufacturers of. Tamm & Meyer, 39 n. Main.
TYPE FOUNDER. Ladew A. P., 197 n. Main
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Bell, Tilden & Co.. 146 n. Main.
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Cole John C., 56 Washington av. se. c. 5th
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Davis S. C & Co., 7 n. Main.
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Dings F. & Co., 39 n. Main.
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Slevin T. & C., 17 n. Main.
Umbrellas and Parasols, Wholesale. Ubsdell, Peirson & Co., 4th ne c. Vine.
UNDERTAKERS. Lynch George N., 55 n. 5th.
UNDERTAKERS. Smithers J. A., 107 Chesnut
UPHOLSTERY GOODS. Singer & Weinzettel. 48 Market s. 3d
UPHOLSTERY GOODS. Ubsdell, Peirson & Co., 4th ne. c. Vine
VARNISHMNFRS.Johnson H. & Co., 184 n. 2d
VARNISHMNFRS.Pike & Kellogg, 129 n. 2d.
VENITIAN BLINDMNFRS. Anderson Charles W., 73 Olive.
VENITIAN BLINDMNFRS. Lewis George F., 17 St. Charles.
VETERINARY SURGEONS. WILSON, J. DR. of South Side Market, 2d Door North, 16th.
VETERINARY SURGEONS. Corby Henry, 123 Locust
VETERINARY SURGEONS. Wilson John, ss. Market nr. 16th.
VINEGARMANFRS. Foster Marquard, 88 and 90 s. 14th
VINEGARMANFRS.Hammerstein & Schild, 46 s. Main.
WAGON MAKERS. Blackman, Day & Co., 102 and 104 n. 3d.
WAGON MAKERS. Eicks Herman, 434 Market.
WAGON MAKERS. Hackman & Co., and sw. c. Mullanphy 17th
WAGON MAKERS. Kern Jacob, 236 s. 3d nw. c. Lombard
WASHING MACHINES. Warne, Cheever & Co., 25 n. Main.
WASHBOARD MNFR'Y. Hauser Ferdinand, ws. and Congress bet. Trudeau Douchouquette, office n. 2d.
Watches and Jewelry, Dealers in. Hewes E. D. & Co., 14 s. 4th.
WATCHMAKERS. Boulanger Louis, 199 n. 4th
WATCHMAKERS. Kull J. J. & Son, 64 s. 2d
WATCHMAKERS. Menkens A. H. & Bro., 62 n. 4th
WATCHMAKERS. Pfeiffer & Brother, 120 s. 2d
WATCHMAKERS. Winter D. A., 204 Franklin av
Whip Manufacturers. Heffner Peter, es. and Jackson b. Lafayette Emmet
Whiteners and Wall Colorers. Browne & Co., 47 Pine
Whiteners and Wall Colorers. Hewitt Richard, 167 Washington av.