St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. Gast Leopold Bro. & Co., 100 n. 4th
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. Kull J. J. & Son, 64 s. 2d
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. McLean A., 3d sw. c. Pine.
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. Schrader Theodore, 7 Chesnut
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. Weber John S., 21 Chesnut.
ENGRAVERS, GENERAL. Wilson John, 56 n. 4th
ENGRAVER, STEEL. Weber John S., 21 Chesnut.
EXCHANGE DEALERS. Taylor, Allen & Co., 89 n. Main.
EXCHANGE DEALERS. Tesson & Danjen, 2d se. c. Pine.
EXPRESSES. Adams W. King agt., 52 n. Main.
EXPRESSES. United States, C. W. Ford 12 n. Main.
FANCY GOODS: RETAIL. Haas Eugene, 106 n. 4th
FANCY GOODS: RETAIL. Nelson Maurice, 99 n. 4th
FANCY GOODS, WHOLESALE. Dings F. & Co., 39 n. Main.
FANCY GOODS, WHOLESALE. Guenaudon Eugene, 5th se. c. Olive.
FANCY GOODS, WHOLESALE. Tooly J. W. & Co., 53 n. Main.
FEATHER DEALER. Thorp S. & Co., 32 s. Main.
FEED STORES. Burke Thomas & Co., 27 and 29 Commercial.
FEED STORES. Walsh Austin, 63 and 65 Locust.
Fish, Salt, Wholesale Dealers in. Davis S. C. & Co., 7 n. Commercial.
Fish, Salt, Wholesale Dealers in. January D. A. & Co., 143 and 145 n. 2d.
Fish, Salt, Wholesale Dealers in. Small & Co., 119 n. 2d
Fish, Salt, Wholesale Dealers in. Von Phul, Waters & Co., 127 n. 2d.
Floor and Drain TilesManfr. of. Thompson H. M. & Co., 174 n. Main.
FLOUR MERCHANTS. Blood H. B. & C. S., agents for Servoss & Peers' choice family flour, 68 Commercial n. Levee.
FLOUR MERCHANTS. Buckland T. A., 350 and 352 Market
FLOUR MERCHANTS. Teichmann & Co., 50 s. Main.
FLOUR MERCHANTS. Wind Charles A. & Co., 153 n. 3d.
Flour Mills. Park Mills (T. A. Buckland,prop) 350 and 352 Market
Force Pumps. Burd John W., 28 n. 6th.
Force Pumps. Hatch Griffith & Co., Market c. Commercial.
Forwarding and Commission. Blood H. B. & C. S., 34 n. Levee n. Commercial
Forwarding and Commission. Burke Thomas, 27 and 29 Commercial.
Forwarding and Commission. Chiles & Bassett, 148 n. 2d
Forwarding and Commission. Fife William G., 82 n. 2d.
Forwarding and Commission. Harding, Given & Co., 74 n. 2d.