To the Sheriff of St. Louis County, GREETING:

WE command you to summon Irene Emmerson if she be found in your county that she be and appear

before the Judge of our Circuit Court, on the first day of the next term thereof, to be held at the City of St. Louis, within and for the County of St. Louis, on the third Monday of November next, then and there to answer unto Dred Scott of a plea in Trespass

to the damage of said plaintiff ten dollars: And have you then there this writ.

WITNESS,JOHN RULAND, Clerk of our said Court, with the seal thereof hereto affixed, at office, in the city of St. Louis, this Sixth day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty-six.

Jno. Ruland CLERK

I acknowledge myself bound for all costs that may accrue in the above cause.

WITNESS my hand and seal, at St. Louis, this 6 day of Apl 1846

F.B. Murdoch

No 1
St Louis Circuit Court
November Term 1846
Dred Scott
[v] Summons
x Irene Emerson 17 apr
Trespass [Damgs] $10.00
F. B. Murdoch
Atty. for plff
Filed 6 Apr 1846
Jno Ruland Clerk
Cost[s Paid]
[The Judge of the St. Louis Circuit]
[Court grants this petitioner leave to sue]
[etc. as prayed for and orders. First.]
[That the petitioner, Dred Scott be allowed to]
[sue, on giving security satisfactory to]
[the Clerk, for all costs that may be]
[adjudged against him. Second. That said]
[Dred Scott have reasonable liberty to attend]
[his counsel and the Court, as occasion]
[may require, and that he be not]
[removed out of the jurisdiction of the Court,]
[and that he be not subject to any severity]
[on account of his application for freedom.]

18p272 –Plf ordered elect
18p744 of except
18p916[illegible]Shfford out plf[bond] [mo for] [illegible] [paid by [William] Milburn]
19p2957[mo] for new trial [illegible]mo for new trial
19p3078 Bill of Except
19p3409 April Term 1852– Motion for order [on]Labeaume and [order] for order on Conway filed
22p52 Motions10 Overruled
22p111.11Cont waiting dec. Sup Court
24p3312 Nov Term 1854 Contd.
26p3016 – MchT'57Mch 18 Jury waived, sub & Judgt for deft

Executed this writ in the County of Saint Louis on the Seventh day of April 1846. by reading it and the Petition + order of the Judge to Irene Emmerson the defendant.

service $2.00 William MilburnShff
notice .50 By Henry B BelkDepty