18 St. Louis Circuit Court Record 10

18 Saint Louis Circuit Court Record 101
Wednesday June 30th 1847
Dred Scott of color ) Trespass
vs )
Irene Emerson )

This day came the parties by their attorneys, and came also a Jury Court: John Sap-pington, Leonidas Wilson, James Longworth, Benjamin Perry, John Rudder, Thomas Rudder, William Stanton, Richard [Tumulty], Isaac Williams, John M Laughlin, (x)Hugh Miller, and Nathan M [Knistry] twelve good and lawful men who being duly elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issue joined between the parties upon their oaths do find and say that the said defendant is not guilty in manner and form as the plaintiff hath in his declaration complained against her Therefore it is considered that the said defendant go hence without day and recover of the said plain-tiff her costs in his behalf expended.

set aside
Vol 18 p 742