To the Sheriff of St. Louis County, GREETING:

WE command you to summon Alexander Sandford, Samuel Russell and Irene Emerson if they be found in your county to appear

before the Judge of our Circuit Court, on the first day of the next term thereof, to be held at the City of St. Louis, within and for the County of St. Louis, on the third Monday of November next, then and there to answer unto Dred Scott of a plea of Trespass and false imprisonment

to the damage of said plaintiff dollars: And have you then there this writ.

WITNESS,JOHN RULAND, Clerk of our said Court, with the seal thereof hereto affixed, at office, in the city of St. Louis, this Third day of July in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty-seven.

Jno. Ruland CLERK

I acknowledge myself bound for all costs that may accrue in the above cause.

WITNESS my hand and seal, at St. Louis, this day of 184

No 19
St Louis Circuit Court
Dred Scott
vs. )
Alexander Sandford
Samuel Russell and
Irene Emerson x 30th
Filed July 3rd 1847
Jno. Rulandclk
3 pd by attys

Executed this writ in the county of St Louis by offering to read it and the declaration to Samuel Russell on the 6th day of July 1847. And by offering to read it and the declaration to Irene Emerson on the 30th day of August 1847. And by offering to read it and the declaration to Alexander Sanford on the 23r day of October 1847. which they each refused to hear.

Fee $ 3.00                 Samuel ConwayShff
                By Joseph C. BrownDpty

Plf. ordered to elect
18p381 plea
18p482 discontinued
18p1873Feb 29th, 1848 Transcript of Sup. Court dismissing at plffs costs filed Dec 11, 1848.