DEPOSITIONSof witnesses, produced, sworn, and examined, at Mr. Samuel Russell, in the City and County of St. Louis; State of Missouri, before me, JOHN H. WATSON, Law Commissioner for the said County, in a^ twocertain causes now pending in the Saint Louis Circuit Court in the State of Missouri, between Dred Scott & Harriet his wife, plaintiffs, and Irene Emmerson, defendant, on the part of the Plaintiffs Adeline Russellof lawful age, being duly sworn and examined on the part of the Plaintiff deposeth and saith:---

I didn’t know Doct. Emmerson; I was acquainted with Mrs. Emmerson. I have known her eight or ten or twelve years. I know the plaintiffs in these suits — they were in my service for two years about that time. I have known them some four or five years. They were under the control of Mrs. Emmerson — I engaged them of Mrs. Emmerson, but they were delivered to me by Mr. Sanford, her father. Mrs. Emmerson claimed these negroes as her slaves. - so they were her slaves I do not recollect if I heard Mrs. Emmerson say they were her slaves I do not recollect if I paid for their services to Mrs. Emmerson or Mr. Sanford as her agent. I think Mr. Russell paid for their services.— I think it has been between 2 & 3 years since they left my house. —I think Mrs. Emmerson resided up the Mississippi ^or Missouri river some years before they were in my service. At the time I hired these negroes they were in the service of Col. Bainbridge.-

The only way I know these negroes belonged to Mrs. Emmerson is that she hired them to me. I think it probable that Mrs. Emmerson & Mr. Sanford, at times received pay for their services. I do not know if the plaintiffs resided up the Mississippi or Missouri river. I do not know if Mr. Sanford was the agent of Mrs. Emmerson or the owner of the negroes

A. Russell
State of Missouri )
County of St. Louis ) [illegible]

I, “The Law Commissioner of St. Louis County” do hereby certify that Adeline Russell the deponent was by me duly sworn to testify the whole truth of her Knowledge in the matters in controversy in the Causes aforesaid; that said deponent was examined & her examination reduced to writing by me & subscribed by said deponent at the residence of James Russell in the City & County of St. Louis in the State of Missouri on the 20th day of December AD. 1849 and that the foregoing deposition was taken by consent of party’s -------------------------- In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand & official seal this 20th day of December A.D. 1849

John H. Watson. “The Law Commissioner of St. Louis County
[Philip] C. Marno, Dpt.
Opened & filed Decr. 20. 1849
M. S. Cerré clk
Dred Scott
Irene Emerson
Harriet his wife
Law Comrs fees for deps $ [illegible] 75
[illegible] out of office 75
pd. by Pltffs $ 1.50