Notice of Motion to Dismiss
 [ gap: ;reason: torn ] [S]tate of Missouri ) In the St. Louis Circuit Court,
 [ gap: ;reason: torn ] [Cou]nty of St. Louis )
Dred Scott

Take notice that on the 9th. day of April 1846 I shall move the court to dismiss the suit of yourself against me for your freedom ^now pending in this Court on the ground that the conditional orders by Judge in this case directed have not been complied with according to the law in such case made & provided.

Irene Emmerson

( G.W. Goode, her Attorney
(April 8th 1846

Served the within notice in the County of Saint Louis on the 8th day of April 1846. by delivering a true copy of the same to Dred Scott,

Fee $0.50 William Milburn