Trespass and False Imprisonment
State of Missouri ) Circuit Court of
County of St Louis )[illegible]St Louis County
November Term 1847.

Dred Scott, a man of color, by his attorneys, plaintiff in this suit complains of Alexander Sandford administrator of estate of John Emmerson deceased, Irene Emmerson and Samuel Russell defendants of a plea of trespass. For that the said defendants heretofore to wit on the first day of July in the year eighteen hundred and forty sixseven at to wit, the county of St Louis aforesaid, with force and arms assaulted the said plaintiff and then and there beat bruised and ill-treated him and then and there imprisoned and kept and detained him in prison there, without any reasonable or probable cause whatsoever, for a long time to wit, for the space of one year [then] next following contrary to law and against the will of the said plaintiff, and the said plaintiff avers that before and at the time of the committing of the grievances aforesaid, he, the said plaintiff was ^ then and there and still is a free person and that the said defendants held and still hold him in slavery, and other wrongs to the said plaintiff then and there did ^ against the [law] of the State of Missouri to the damage of the said ^ plaintiff in the sum of three hundred dollars and therefore he sues

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Dred Scott
Alexander Sandford
Samuel Russell
Irene Emmerson
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