Bill of Exceptions
Withdrawn 11th Decr 1847
Harriet of color )
vs. )
Irene Emmerson )

Be it remembered that on the 30th day of June in the year 1847 the plaintiff by her attorney filed a motion accompanied with reasons to set aside the verdict of the Jury in the cause and that a new trial be granted her, and which motion and reasons are in the words and figures following to wit (here set out the motion) and that on the 1st day of July thereafter the plaintiff by her Attorney by leave of the Court filed an additional reason in support of her motion for a new trial, and which additional reason is in the words and figures following to wit (here set out the additional reason) and that on the twenty fourth day of July following there was filed an affidavit in said cause purporting by to be made by HarrietDred Scott the plaintiff in another suit pending ^ in said Court in the same facts ^ against the same defendant and which affidavit and the facts therein stated were by consent of Counsel, considered as applicable to the case of Harrietvs. Emerson & to be considered by the Court as filed by Harriet and sworn to by her in support of her motion for a new trial (here set out the affidavit) and that on the following and succeeding Term of the Court to wit at the November Term of the year 1847 on the day of November in said last mentioned year the said motion came on to be heard & upon argument of Counsel was by the Court adjudged to be sustained and a new trial was granted to said plaintiff in said cause to which decision

of the Court sustaining said motion and granting a new trial in the cause the defendant by her Counsel excepted, and now except, and to preserve the evidence of which the Counsel for the defendant asks that this his bill of Exceptions may be signed sealed and made a part of the Record all which is done accordingly this [blank space] day of December 1847

A. Hamilton