County of St. Louisss.
To Mrs. Samuel Russell (on 4th st.) Samuel RussellMiles H. Clark, John F. Carter. ^ at Whittemores near the bankStewart Carterat Paymasters office
Catherine A. Anderson
Henry T. Blow
Thomas O. Flaherty
Thomas Gray
Major A.D. Stuart (Army)
fore our Circuit Court for the county aforesaid, on the 24th day of February
1847 at the City of St. Louis, then and there to
whereinDred Scott is
plaintiff and Irene Emerson
defendant on the part of plaintiff
and herein you are in no wise to fail.

Witness, WILSON PRIMM, Clerk of our said Court, with the seal thereof hereto affixed, at office, in the City of St. Louis, this 19th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty- nine

Wilson PrimmClerk C.C.