Motion for New Trial
State of Missouri )
St. Louis County )
Dred Scott, a Slave )
vs. ) St. Louis Circuit Court
Irene Emerson )
-------------------------- ) of the November Term A D 1849
Harriett, of color )
vs. )
Irene Emerson )

And now at this time comes Irene Emerson, by Garland & Norris her Attorneys & moves this Honorable Court for a new Trial in the above entitled Cause’s, & herewith files her reasons in support of said motion

1st The verdict was contrary to Law
2d The verdict was not supported by the Evidence
3d The Instructions asked for by the Plaintifs counsel & given by the Court, were not according to the Law & the Evidence
4th The Court erred in refusing the Instructions asked by the Defendants Counsel.
Garland & Norris