State of Missouri )
County of St Louis ) St Louis Circuit Court
Harriet, of Color ) of the November Term A D1850
vs. )
Irene Emerson )

It is hereby Stipulated by and between the parties in the above entitled cause, by their respective Counsel, that inasmuch as the points & principles of Law to be decided in the case of Dred Scott vs. Irene Emerson are identical with those on the cause in the caption that the decision of the Supreme Court, in said Scotts case, Shall also decide & conclude the case of the Said, Harriet his wife & that upon the filing of a duly certified copy of the decision & decree of the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri in Said Scotts cause, in the case of Harriet, of Color against Irene Emerson, the same shall have equal force & Effect as in Scotts Case—

D.N. Hall,
Atty. at Law,
Garland & Norris
St. Louis Circuit Court
Harriet of Color—
Irene Emerson
Filed Feb 12. 1850
M.. S. Cerré clerk