Bill of Exceptions
State of Missouri ) St. Louis Circuit Court
County of St. Louis ) of the November Term A D 1849
Dred Scott ^ (a man of color)a slave )
ads. ) Bill of Exceptions
Irene Emerson )

Be it remembered that on the trial of this Cause at the November Term of this Court AD1849— That the entire evidence offered by the Plaintiff Dred Scott was contained in the following Depositions (here insert the Depositions of Mrs. Adaline Russell, Miles H Clark & Catharine A Anderson) & the testimony of Samuel Russell who testified that he hired the Plaintiff Scott of Mrs. Emerson ^ the widow of Dr. John Emerson who was a surgeon in the U.S. army at Rock Island and Fort Snelling & paid the wages due, sometimes to her & sometimes to her agent, that such hiring was previous to the commencement of this suit & was in the City & County of St. Louis ^ she claimed the Pltff as her Slave — That the Defendant Emerson offered no testimony illegible on said trial, but asked of the Court the following instructions (here set out instructions marked “A”) which the Court refused to give, to which refusal the Defendant, by Counsel, then & there excepted— That thereupon the Plaintiff Scott, by Counsel, asked the following instructions (here set out instructions marked “B”) which were given by the Court & to the giving of which the Defendant by her Counsel there & then Excepted — That under Said Depositions Testimony & Instructions the Jury on the trial aforesaid, “found for the plaintiff” ^ the following verdict. (here insert the verdict) Whereupon Defendant filed by her Attorney at the Same Term & within four days after trial & verdict the following motion, with the accompanying reasons for a New trial ( here insert the motion etc. filed Jany 12th’50) that said Motion afterwards coming on to be heard at Said Term in its regular place upon the Law Docket, after hearing was by the Court refused, to which refusal to grant a new trial, Defendant by Counsel then & there duly Excepted & now Excepts & to preserve the Evidence of all of which, the Counsel for the Defendant asks that this

her Bill of Exceptions may be signed & made part of the Record all which is done accordingly A. Hamilton Judge. [illegible]

St. Louis Circuit Court
Dred Scott )
ags )
Irene Emerson )

G & N
Filed Feb 13 1850
M. S. Cerré clerk