15 Missouri Reports 576
D.B. Hill, for respondent.

1st. The court rightly instructed the jury, that the taking and holding the appellee as a slave at Rock Island and Fort Snelling, entitled him to his freedom. The fact that they were military posts, does not affect his rights.


2nd. Even if he could not acquire a right to his freedom in consequence the right of the deceased Dr. Emerson to employ and have servants for his own use there, he would acquire such freedom by being left by the deceased in the service of others as a slave, after he himself was removed, by orders to a different post. Julia vs. McKinny,
3 Mo. Rep. 19310; Wilson vs. Melvin,
4 Mo. Rep. 59211; Nat vs. Ruddle,
3 Mo. 28212; Ralph vs. Duncan,
2 Mo. 13913.

3rd. The ordinance of 1787 is a valid and binding law. It has often been recognized by this court: Winny vs. Whiteside,
1 Mo. 33414; Mary vs. Tippin et al.
1 Mo. 52015; Lagrange vs. Choteau,
2 Mo. 1916; Theoteste vs. Choteau
2 Mo. 11617; Vincent vs. Duncan,
2 Mo. 17418; Ralph vs. Duncan,
2 Mo. 13919.