Interview with Rev. Ralph Abernathy

Now, Andy Young tells an interesting story, that when Dr. Anderson invited you all to Albany, that originally Dr. King was only to make a speech and just leave. But Dr. Anderson got so excited that night he said, OK, tomorrow he will lead a march with us, and thereby the two of you were involved in leading the Albany movement. Is that true? Is that how it happened?

Rev. Ralph Abernathy:

Yes, we had given a great thought to going to Albany because of the problems that existed, that existed there. There was a movement taking place already in Albany, and so, consequently we went into an already-organized situation. And Dr. Anderson, after Dr. King made the speech, announced that we would be staying over, and he, Dr. King, would be leading the march the next day. And because they had already begun marching, they had marched probably a month or so, but they could not get much done or accomplished. But on that march, the Monday following Dr. King's speech, thousands of people marched and were jailed, and that can mark, that really marked the beginning of the Albany Movement.