Interview with Rev. Ralph Abernathy

I'm going to let you finish. You were talking about reaching your goals a little slower.

Rev. Ralph Abernathy:

Yes, I definitely believe Mr. Pritchett was able to slow down the movement in Albany because of the attitudes. But it was an institutionalized system of racism and he was only one man. He didn't make all of the laws. He was merely the Chief of Police, and so, consequently, he could not run the total system. He could not be the mayor of the City. He could not be the Governor of the State. He could not be the President of the United States of America. So he may have been in charge of some things in the system, but the court system was unjust, and he did not have any say so about that, and people lived in the community and he didn't have anything to say about how one neighbor would treat another neighbor.