Interview with Rev. Ralph Abernathy

You had some other routines that the two of you would engage in as well in jail. Could you just briefly give me a few of those?

Rev. Ralph Abernathy:

We would always fast during our stay in jail, and it became very, very difficult, particularly in Albany when the women would cook cakes and pies and fried chicken and bring it to us in large quantities. And we, it was very, very tempting, but we would always fast, and we would always have devotionals services each morning. And we would fight and work to have exercise. We wanted to keep our bodies physically fit and even though we were often in solitary confinement, and especially in Birmingham, but the lawyers finally won for us the right to be moved twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon to an area, and the large room. And they, the policeman in charge, would not let us talk to each other and we had to develop a sign language. They would—they didn't want us talking together.