Interview with Rev. Ralph Abernathy

One of the sad notes about Selma was that some tension that had been building between SCLC and SNCC workers seem to really come to a head finally, really there. And that Selma was the last true ride, as said by a lot of historians, who were really the whole of the traditional civil rights movement and that everybody was together. Did you have a sense then that it would never be the same again after Selma?

Rev. Ralph Abernathy:

Well, I didn't have that feeling, because I do not agree with the fact that the tension that existed between SCLC and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was much of a problem. We couldn't see that. The student are friends and the, that organizations made of most worthy contributions, and there was no evils [sic] spirits, broken heart. We were just all together in love. We certainly came together when the national television personalities like Harry Belafonte and Joan Baez all came to Saint Jude grounds on the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama, and entertained us on that night just before we went into Montgomery, Alabama, and to the state capitol.