Interview with Juanita Abernathy

Let's move on to something that we discussed before. Not many people understand that Dr. King was anything but a saint. You talked about his having a sense of humor. Could you give us some feeling about his sense of humor?


Oh, he'd tease you to death. Um. Um. I can't think of any one specific instance but um, he would for instance--If we came out of a red hot situation where we almost didn't make it, he would laugh about oh, you know, I thought that man was going to kill me. And you know, you, you, ah, you were kind of scared too. You were shaking. That one where I thought maybe I had to kind of get you together. This kind of thing. And just we would end up laughing about something that was really horrible but he saw the humor in it. And it was these kinds of things that kept the pressure and tension down. And you didn't really you know, see it as such a horrible experience after it was over. You could laugh at yourself. And Dr. King was always that person who could make you laugh. Very, very humorous. A lot of folks didn't know that about him because most people saw him as that serious orator who was always an orator, and very stiff. But he was not like that, at all.