Interview with Juanita Abernathy

OK, just for my own peace of mind, Mrs. Abernathy, um, let me just ask you simply, did Dr. King have a sense of humor?


Of course. Tremendous sense of humor. And was always laughing. Always. He um, he'd tease you to death and you couldn't get angry about the tease. He--You would, you know, you'd laugh and he would make you laugh about whatever it was that he was teasing you about. Whether you liked being teased or not you'd end up laughing about it. It was that kind of--He's that kind of personality that even if you wanted to be stiff and depressed or cold around him, it wouldn't last. So that's something that most people didn't know about him because he looked very formal, you know. And reserved. But that's not, that was not always his personality. He had a warm pash--compassionate um, friendly, giving, caring, down-to-earth side of him.