Interview with Juanita Abernathy

Let's continue on that down to earth side. You said that he'd like to come over to your house to eat. Could you tell us about that?


Well, I always had a lot of food. Um. I guess my upbringing. I always cooked enough for three or four extra people in the event somebody was coming by. And he would always come and first thing he'd do is go to the kitchen, look on the stove, take the lid up off the pot. And I would always say, "You haven't washed your hands. Wash your hands before you lift the lid off of my pot." He'd go straight, take the lid up, look at what was in there and if it was anything he wanted to taste, get a fork and taste it. And he'd go to the refrigerator, just, just be at home. He felt very comfortable coming here and very comfortable when he got here.