Interview with Juanita Abernathy

OK, so SCLC after Dr. King's assassination.


After the assassination I think we were more or less in shock. We um, and mourning. We--knew that the inevitable probably would come one day. But we weren't ready for it. And certainly not at this period, not at the period where we had the most powerful forces coming together in history which was the Mexican-Americans, the Indians, Blacks and Whites going to Washington to say "Here I am. You don't know it. You can't say I don't exist." So, "And I've come to tell you what I want from America." And certainly we didn't anticipate his death at that time because this was going to change history and bring America where she should be. But in actuality, that's why he's dead. That's why they killed him, because of that powerful force coming together. So America was mourning. All of us.