Interview with Ralph Abernathy

Let's go to the next day and the press conference. What was he trying to accomplish as he walked into that press conference. Did he talk to you about what he needed to do?


Well, ah, he didn't talk to me about it. Ah, he insisted that I hear the message of, ah, the Invaders, and hear their confession. And he took over the press conference, and said, ah, ah, I am going to conduct this press conference on the record, all, or, all, or, or off the record. You can ask any question you want, ask[SIC] of me. But ah, ah, I want to clear the air, and ah, they had a good press conference. And he was a giant of a person. And when we were back upstairs, I just had to hug him and said, Martin, you were so gigantic, you were so wonderful, he was, you were so great. And he said, ah, if I was great, ah, will you please get me out of Memphis?