Interview with Ralph Abernathy

Now late that night he stayed up pretty late and the next day started, one second, --


The next day, the last day, what were you doing at the Lorraine Motel? How did he spend his day?


Ah. We got up ah, and once we were dressed and ah, ah, we went to a meeting of the staff. Ah. And we ah, they came to our room for the meeting. And ah, ah, we talked about ah, going to Washington for the Poor People's Campaign when we would leave. And ah, and we finally ah, ordered lunch ah, while we were still in the meeting. He didn't eat breakfast and I didn't eat breakfast, but we were always ready to eat ah, lunch. And so um, he placed his order and ah, somebody was kind enough to place my order ah, an order of catfish. And he had ordered catfish. And we were continuing the meeting. And ah, finally the young lady never got my order right. And they brought two orders of catfish on the same plate. And we, he, they brought two separate ah, orders of salad. And he said, "Ralph, ah, don't worry the lady because we can eat from the same plate." And he ate some of my salad and he ate from his salad. And ah, we ate catfish from the same plate. And finally, we dismissed the ah, meeting because ah, the hearings were being held ah, on the injunction.


Why don't we stop there for a second, stop for a second.