Interview with Ralph Abernathy

I want to finish up with one thing and I hate to ask you to do this one more time, but Bobby said there might have been some flutter in the camera. But also I wanted you to repeat it softer, going back one more time to the balcony scene. Could you do that again, but just soft throughout the whole thing?


And all of a sudden I heard ah, what sounded like a firecracker. And I jumped naturally. And I turned and saw only his feet. And I ran to him and took his head into my hands and began to pat his cheek and said, "Martin, this is Ralph. This is Ralph. This is Ralph. It will be all right. Everything is going to be all right. Everything is going to be all right, Martin." And at that time he relaxed. His eyes softly closed. And he heard me. And he believed me, that it would be all right.